Gamesir G4s: The Must Bring Android Game Controller Inwards 2016!

- July 30, 2018
The GameSir G3s! There is also the Gamesir M2 controller for iOS devices latterly released.
L3 push (left joystick) & R3 push (right joy stick)

Hidden Bluetooth USB dongle

Turbo & Clear buttons
With the G4s gamepad y'all buy the farm an fifty-fifty to a greater extent than accurate together with responsive nix delay game controller amongst a built-in 800 mAh polymer lithium battery that lasts xviii hours on a unmarried accuse thank y'all to ability saving features similar automatic slumber mode. Charging fourth dimension takes alone 2.5 hours.
Home button, X button, Y button, Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 button, B button
GameSir G4s upgraded version features changeable directional pad (D-Pad) hence y'all tin alter the seat of the D-Pad amongst the left joystick, every bit good every bit Autofire (Turbo button).
The AutoFire characteristic on the G4s is truly quite handy because y'all won't lead keep to exercise AutoHotKey or AutoIt script software to setup a modifier commutation on the controller to plough on Autofire. To gear upwards AutoFire functionality, y'all only press whatsoever buttons together with and hence press the TURBO push to gear upwards Autofire function.
R1/R2 (right bumper/ correct trigger) & L1/L2 (left bumper/left trigger)
Another cool G4s characteristic is Mouse Simulation, which allows y'all to exercise the G4s' joysticks together with buttons every bit a mouse when using a TV box. To locomote into Mouse Simulation Mode, only press “A together with Home “ buttons to twain amongst the TV box, together with and hence press “ SELECT together with X” buttons to locomote into into imitation mouse mode.
built-in bracket amongst prophylactic support
Alcatel PopStar mounted on bracket
The GameSir G4s controller has dainty bumpers together with triggers, every bit good every bit a built-in mountain bracket that tin live adjusted at 110 degrees together with 150 degrees. The mountain tin agree smart devices that are betwixt 3.5 inches together with half dozen inches wide.
rubberized joysticks
The G4s Bluetooth controller has a dainty corporation experience to it when belongings together with gripping it amongst both hands. The primary push layout has a expert spacing together with the buttons themselves lead keep built-in LEDs that y'all tin also plough off past times pressing R1 together with L1 at the same fourth dimension for five seconds.
bracket folded down
rubberized grip
The directional pad (D-pad) is pressure level sensitive; land the analog joysticks lead keep no dead zone, which is corking if y'all are looking for a Bluetooth game controller amongst super analog precision for first-person shooter or twin-stick shooter games.
micro USB port
The G4s gamepad tin also live connected inwards iii ways via 2.4 GHz wireless (for smart TVs, Bluetooth 4.0 together with measure wired connection. You also buy the farm an LED battery ability indicator on the pad itself to hollo for the remaining battery life, every bit good every bit vibration feedback (to accommodate the intensity of the vibration, only press Clear together with Up/Down on the directional pad).
power indicator (four LEDs)
The Happy Chick Emulator App has tons of games to select from together with the games piece of job corking on the G4s Bluetooth controller inwards Android. If using an Apple device, y'all hollo for to download the Happy Chick Emulator past times scanning the QR code that is institute within the education manual.
Warranty, micro USB cable, Instruction manual
GameSir G4s wireless controller is compatible amongst Android together with Windows operating systems hence y'all tin exercise the G4s game controller amongst Android smartphones, Android TV boxes and personal computers.
G4s within plastic casing


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