Gopigo2 Raspberry Pi Robot Kit: Torso As Well As Encephalon Assembly - Business Office 1

- July 29, 2018
I am testing out the Raspberry Pi B+ Mini Wifi Dongle, Servo, Ultrasonic Sensor,  micro SD Card (with software), Power Supply, too Ethernet Cable.
1 DC barrel jack adapter included
1 crimson velcro strap inwards the box
Today, I am roofing the Assembly (Part 1), which volition live setting upwardly the trunk too encephalon of the robot. In the starter kit, you lot larn the next hardware for assembling the GoPiGo2 robot:
Update: Part 2 - Functionality Test
Part three - Servo Assembly
Part iv - Ultrasonic Sensor Attachment 
Part 5- Controlling GoPiGo Remotely From Keyboard
Part vi - Obstacle Detection Robot
Part vii - Connecting to The GoPiGo Without Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Home Network
Part 8 - The Brain Of The GoPiGo Robot

2 acrylic plastics
2 wheels
4 acrylic spacer donuts, iv acrylic Ts & encoders
2 motors
Screws, back upwardly posts & washers
1 caster bike amongst bolts too back upwardly posts
1 GoPiGo board
1 battery Box (that fits 8 AA batteries)
Ultrasonic sensor
Micro SD Card
Servo Package

Here is the entire base of operations kit set out:
(2 mini posts, 2 minor posts, too iv long posts; iv long bolts, 
20 minor screws, xx washers, 8 minor nuts, too 1 caster wheel)

After figuring out the correct side upwardly of the largest acrylic piece, it is a thing of attaching the acrylic Ts to the motors using the long bolts, minor nuts too washers (don't forget to set a washer inwards each long bolt).
two minor back upwardly posts secured yesteryear ii minor screws
washers human face up, piece the motors are attached to the bottom of the acrylic
Before attaching the acrylic encoders too wheels, attach the dark-green spacer donuts to the shafts of the motors (one spacer per shaft) to croak along the encoders too the wheels inwards proper distance from the motors.

Attaching the encoders completes the trunk assembly of the GoPiGo so, it's straightaway a thing of placing the GoPiGo board onto the minor back upwardly posts too securing it amongst ii screws. You volition come across the optical encoders lining upwardly inwards their surrounding encoders.

Now, attach the caster bike to the dorsum of the GoPiGo using the caster bike back upwardly posts.

Time straightaway to attach the wheels to the assembly trunk of the GoPiGo2 robot. Make certain you lot add together the spacers inwards betwixt the wheels to foreclose the wheels from rubbing on the body.
After all that's done, it's fourth dimension straightaway to attach the Raspberry Pi 2, which completes the encephalon of the robot too volition allow us to plan the robot amongst commands to execute. To create this, nosotros attach the canopy posts amongst the washers too screws provided.
Raspberry Pi Model B+
Raspberry Pi connected to the GoPiGo board via the GPIOs
The fragile utilization of this procedure is inserting the micro SD carte du jour to the Raspberry Pi which volition serve equally the difficult crusade of the Raspberry Pi 2. You desire to handgrip the micro SD carte du jour amongst help too you lot don't desire to accept the micro SD carte du jour unless the ability is off to avoid corrupting the card.
Here is how the robot looks similar then far:

Stay melody for Part 2 of the GoPiGo2 Raspberry Pi Robot Kit, which volition live connecting the battery pack too setting the WiFi on the GoPiGo2, likewise equally testing too doing the software update. Hope you lot enjoyed Part 1!

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