Grovepi+ Board Connects Xv Sensors Simultaneously To The Raspberry Pi!

Just similar amongst the GoPiGo board, the encephalon of the GrovePi+ board is an ATMEGA328 microcontroller which allows the GrovePi+ as well as Raspberry Pi to communicate information dorsum as well as forth.
The GrovePi+ board features five dissimilar types of ports as well as a full of fifteen ports, including iv I2C ports, 3 analog ports, vii digital ports, i GrovePi series port as well as i Raspberry Pi series port.
Both the I2C as well as Raspberry Pi series ports are conduct connected as well as used past times the Raspberry Pi to access dat though y'all tin too post information conduct from the GrovePi+ to the Raspberry Pi.
All ports on the GrovePi+ are accessible past times the Raspberry Pi as well as should y'all require to a greater extent than digital ports, y'all tin plough the analog ports on the GrovePi+ into digital ports past times using the pinMode() method.
The Raspberry Pi model I volition live on using amongst the GrovePi+ board is the Raspberry Pi B+ that I am using amongst the GoPiGo robot car.
Building the GoPiGo robot automobile was actually a fun electronic projection to create as well as amongst the latest add-on of sensors from the GrovePi+ starter kit, it volition live on smashing to set those sensors to work!