How To Connect To The Raspberry Pi Robot Without A Domicile Network - Business Office 7

- July 27, 2018
In Part 2 I setup a manual network connection to command the GoPiGo robot over WiFi, in addition to today I desire to exam out roughly other agency to connect to the GoPiGo robot without having to connect amongst Ethernet commencement in addition to thus setup the WiFi connectedness through my abode network.

I volition move using a software icon called CINCH, which requires no network setup to connect to the Raspberry Pi mounted onboard the GoPiGo robot. This method is groovy because sometimes I receive got issues getting my Raspberry Pi GoPiGo robot on my abode WiFi network. You merely plough on the Raspberry Pi GoPiGo in addition to CINCH volition automatically broadcast a WiFi network called "dex". Once y'all connect to it, y'all tin become correct away to "http://dex.local/" in addition to start programming!

Using CINCH for connecting to the Raspberry Pi GoPiGo robot is definitely much easier than connecting amongst Ethernet first, in addition to thus setting upwardly the WiFi through your abode network. Here are the steps to connecting to the Raspberry Pi GoPiGo robot without a abode network:

Step 1) Head over to Dexter Industries Raspbian Flavor Cinch in addition to download the CINCH icon RAR file (size 1.2 GB)

Step 2) Burn the CINCH icon onto your Raspberry Pi's SD bill of fare (you need at to the lowest degree 4GB of storage space). To sack the icon onto the SD card, y'all volition need software to uncompress the file (you tin purpose WinRAR), every bit good every bit a tool for writing images onto removable devices (you tin purpose Win32DiskImager). 
If your desktop calculator does non receive got an SD bill of fare slot, y'all volition need an SD bill of fare USB adapter similar the i above. Then, it's exactly a thing of burning the icon onto the SD bill of fare in addition to expect for the SD bill of fare author to sack the image.
Once the CINCH icon is burnt onto the SD card, y'all volition desire to expand the icon thus that y'all tin purpose the sum available infinite on your SD Card (you volition honour the icon entirely takes almost 3.5 GB of space). To expand the image, merely login to Terminal in addition to move into "pi" for the username in addition to "robots1234" for the password. Then, type inwards sudo raspi-config to convey upwardly the Raspberry Pi Configuration console. Select Expand Filesystem in addition to thus click OK.

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