Illumibowl Motion/Light Activated Lavatory Black Light!

H5N1 displace activated low-cal for the lav bowl is a slap-up convenience too a cool agency to spice upwardly the practiced one-time lav bowl!
The functionality seem of a displace triggered lav bowl low-cal such equally the Illumibowl comes really handy, particularly if you lot accept a en suite bath or kids. The Illumibowl literary does what it says on the tin too that is to illuminate the lav bowl at nighttime without the take away of turning on lights.
With the Illumibowl, you lot teach 8 color options amongst smoothen color transitions which plough on too off when triggered yesteryear the CdS photoresistor low-cal sensor too PIR displace sensor.

The actual low-cal is attached to a ten cm long flexible cable, allowing you lot to install it anywhere closed to the lav bowl. Saying this, you lot tin house the unit of measurement pretty much anywhere inward your abode too usage it equally a regular nighttime light.
The Illumibowl is powered yesteryear 3 AAA batteries too features ane unmarried multi-functional push that allows you lot to develop a color of your alternative also equally cycle the colors inward a carousel-like fashion.
Fitting the Illuminibowl to the lav bowl is slow thank you lot to v suction cups. Four suction cups are located on the dorsum of the unit of measurement too ane suction loving cup on the flexible cable.
Being low-cal too displace activated, the Illumibowl industrial plant alone inward the black too when it detects crusade it volition ability on the low-cal for two minutes.
The Illumibowl volition ability off itself when low-cal is detected too no crusade is detected for two minutes to salvage battery life.
Aside from the lav bowl, you lot tin stick the Illumibowl lav light pretty much anywhere inward your bath expanse such equally walls, shower door, etc. Anywhere amongst drinking glass or ceramic tiles the suction cups volition stick. Make certain to moisture the expanse too thus stick the suction loving cup (this industrial plant improve than wetting the suction loving cup only).