Kitsound Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone Splitter For Ii Headphones!

If you're looking for a way to connect 2 headphones or 2 speakers to a unmarried well source, you'll shout out for a device such equally the KitSound Bluetooth headphone splitter which is essentially a Bluetooth 4.1 A2DP transmitter that connects wirelessly to an well source, allowing yous to broadcast well to 2 dyad of headphones or 2 speakers.
micro USB charging port
KitSound's Bluetooth headphone splitter comes peculiarly handy if yous ain a smartphone such equally the iPhone vii that does non induce got a headphone jack equally it allows yous to connect to the iPhone vii via Bluetooth spell you're connected to the splitter.
3.5mm headphone jacks
As you're able to have wireless audio, this agency yous tin also plough a dyad of wired headphones to wireless past times using KitSound's Bluetooth headphone splitter.
inside the box
KitSound's Bluetooth headphone splitter is really small-scale in addition to lightweight, in addition to it's really tardily to use. Simply plug it into the headphone jack of a smartphone in addition to you'll travel able to connect 2 wired headphones simultaneously via 2 3.5 mm headphone sockets. KitSound's headphone splitter has a built-in rechargeable 150mAh battery that gives yous at to the lowest degree nine hours of play time.
2x manly someone 3.5 mm to manly someone 3.5 mm well cable
To showtime using the KitSound Bluetooth headphone splitter via Bluetooth, plough the splitter on past times asset the ability push for several seconds, which inwards plough enters pairing way automatically. Then, plough the Bluetooth on your smartphone, search for novel devices in addition to select "BT Splitter" from the listing (enter 0000 passcode if requested).
when the LED flashes ruby-red every few seconds the battery is low
The splitter volition automatically dyad to the end device it connected to when turned on. While charging, the LED volition exhibit company red. When charging is consummate the LED volition exhibit company blue. Full accuse takes roughly 2 hours.