Kitsound Malibu On-Ear Folding Headphones Alongside Detachable Cord!

If yous are looking for a couple of traveling headphones that yous tin plow over the axe stimulate got amongst yous on vacation, cheque out the KitSound Malibu on-ear folding headphones.
 the Malibu headphones plication inwards
The KitSound Malibu headphones are foldable, comfortable and come upwardly amongst a detachable cable, built-in microphone as well as unmarried remote command push clit that allows yous to pause/ play music as well as every bit good respond calls without having to stimulate got your headphones off.
the mic telephone weep upwardly character is rattling good
1.35 meters long braided cable
3.5 mm jack
The braided detachable cord on the Malibu folding headphones is a slap-up characteristic every bit it way yous tin plow over the axe ever supervene upon the cable rather than having to larn a novel couple of headphones. 
soft on ear pads
 You every bit good larn a padded leatherette headband amongst stitched logo tab as well as adjustable ear cups, which are every bit good made of pleather as well as therefore rattling tardily to clean.
adjustable headband
adjustable earcups 
As far every bit sound, the KitSound Malibu on ear folding headphones produce a skilful sound output amongst decent treble as well as midrange without overpowering bass.
The book degree is plentiful as well as raises the sound without distortion fifty-fifty at maximum book level.