Luxafor Flag Piece Of Employment Busy/Work Usb Lite Indicator!

Productivity is the refer of the game as well as what ameliorate as well as cost-effective way to hold and/or growth productivity than amongst an electronic assistant?
Luxafor Flag is a tiny nifty gadget designed to foreclose drops inwards productivity as well as improve workflow too equally communication without interruptions.
Luxafor Flag LED indicator lets you lot command your piece of job hateful solar daytime yesteryear productively programme your hateful solar daytime via lite notification reminders. Luxafor Flag is literally designed inwards the kind of a flag as well as features a magnet that allows you lot to stick the Luxafor Flag on whatever magnetic surfaces such equally reckoner towers or laptops.
Luxafor Flag has built-in RGB LEDs that allows you lot to experiment amongst a multitude of colors as well as color combinations.
Right out of the box, you lot already become cool pre-set color combinations such equally Police lights as well as traffic lights.
Luxafor Flag features a micro USB port as well as vi LEDs that smoothen brightly through a pocket-sized acrylic slice of plastic. The full summit of Luxafor Flag is 34 mm.
Luxafor Flag is 48 mm long, fifteen mm thick as well as weighs exclusively 8 grams, Luxafor Flag is real compact (the size of a AA battery)
As far equally functionality, Luxafor Flag is real tardily to use. Simply plug inwards the included micro USB cable as well as claw it upwards to your PC or laptop. Drivers volition automatically install.
Then, caput to Luxafor website to download the Luxafor software for Windows PC (7, 8, 8.1 as well as 10) or MAC computers.
Once the Luxafor software is installed, you'll live presented amongst the below dashboard that allows you lot to customize the LED color indicator, too equally functionality.
Luxafor carte du jour options include: Skype Business
Pomodoro Time
E-mail configuration
If you lot are familiar amongst the Pomodoro Technique, Luxafor Flag's Pomodoro Time industrial plant the same thence it allows you lot to fourth dimension larn by your fourth dimension yesteryear breaking downwards piece of job into intervals, separated yesteryear curt breaks. 
The brightness of the Luxafor Flag tin live adjusted, from depression to high, for every option, which is great.
With the Luxafor Flag, you lot become a micro USB as well as instructions telling you lot a fleck to a greater extent than virtually Luxafor, what it is as well as how it works.
Luxafor software is opened upwards source, which agency Luxafor hardware API allows you lot to command the device through your ain applications.