Master & Dynamic Me03 Inwards Ear Apartment Sounding Headphones!

The Master & Dynamic ME03 inwards ear apartment sounding headphones  feature 8mm Neodymium drivers amongst machined anodized aluminum body, metallic grill on the dorsum together with angled nozzles for improve audio move through the ear canal.
1.20 meters long prophylactic cable amongst oxygen-free copper
8mm Neodymium drivers amongst machined anodized aluminum body
aluminium housing amongst metallic bezel
metal grill on the back
rubber stress-relief sections
nice premium metallic feel
With the ME03 inwards ear headphones, yous choke a sheet pocketbook amongst snap closure equally good equally a leather storage illustration amongst protective foam to shop the headphones safely.
quality leather stitching throughout
Having a apartment cable agency yous won't bring equally much tangling amongst equally yous would amongst a regular rounded cable. The 3.5 mm plug is plated for anti corrosion together with features a stress-relief prophylactic department to halt the cable destination breaking off easily.
16 ohms impedance together with sixteen grams inwards weight
The remote command on the Master & Dynamic ME03 inwards ear headphones has a metallic casing amongst a series seat out on the dorsum together with prophylactic remote buttons.
separate remote & mic
The built-in microphone on the Master & Dynamic ME03 is non located on the actual remote command unit of measurement merely built-in farther upwards the cable inwards a split dedicated unit. 
The location of the mic is truly really proficient since it's located closer to where your oral cavity would live on together with hence it makes for a improve vocalism character when yous are talking to somebody.
four sizes silicone ear tips
The ear tip replacements that come upwards amongst the Master & Dynamic ME03 inwards ear apartment sounding headphones come upwards nicely lined upwards inwards a "gun barrel" formation together with yous choke several sizes to jibe dissimilar size ear canals.

croc clip included
As far equally sound, the ME03 in-ear are a apartment sounding headphone amongst emphasis on the mid-range that create a warm together with rounded audio without beingness equally good muddied nor equally good sharp.
inside the box