Mixcder Ability Usb Environs Audio Gaming Headset

If yous currently ain a stereo gaming headset as well as desire to pace upward your game (no pun intended), yous desire to popular off yourself a surroundings well headset such equally the MIXCDER Power to experience the awesome "all around" inward game sound!
The MIXCDER Power has virtual 7.1 surroundings well which allows yous to farther immerse yourself inward the game yesteryear hearing well inward front end as well as behind you.
the microphone picks upward your vocalisation clearly without whatever distortions
The leatherette over-the-ear cups are comfortable on the ears as well as thus yous tin wearable them for hours without feeling whatever discomfort.
With the MIXCDER Power yous also popular off a pretty long as well as thick cable (around 2.3 meters long as well as 5mm thick) amongst a USB connectedness slap-up for both PC as well as video game console gaming.
no Drivers requires, merely Plug as well as Play
The headband is soft, comfortable as well as self adjusting on your head, spell the headphones are opened upward dorsum amongst 40mm speaker drivers that hit 32 watts of well output as well as xx 20KHz frequency response. The MIXCDER Power gaming headset also hit a skilful labor at blocking background noise.
The book control, mic command as well as vibration command are conveniently located on both ear cups as well as they are clearly labeled.
the vibration business office enhances the bass in-game experience
MIXCDER Power USB gaming headset also characteristic cool LED lighting final result on both sides of the ear cups as well as the tip of the microphone. The microphone itself is adjustable likewise amongst an Omni-directional pattern.

inside the box

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 18-Month Warranty included

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