Mixcder Shareme Five Dynamic Transducer Headphones Alongside 40Mm Drivers!

If you lot are looking for a twain of foldable dynamic transducer headphones alongside 40mm drivers, cheque out the Mixcder ShareMe 5!
brush aluminum touches
For those who are non familiar alongside Mixcder headphones together with the "ShareMe" technology, the ShareMe engineering scientific discipline allows you lot to twain ii Mixcder ShareMe v headphones without using a headphone splitter.
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The lithium polymer battery within the Mixcder Shareme v dynamic transducer headphones give you lot to a greater extent than or less 17 hours of playing fourth dimension together with 2000 hours inwards standby mode.
The 40mm drivers within the Mixcder ShareMe v dynamic transducer headphones accept a frequency reply from 20Hz to 20kHz that create lovely highs, mids together with lows alongside real deep bass. If nous to a lot of bass-heavy music, you lot volition definitely dearest the Mixcder ShareMe v headphones.
Inside the box, you lot larn a manual, a micro USB charging cable together with a 3.5 mm manful mortal to 3.5 mm manful mortal well cable to run the headphones inwards wired mode.
The soft adjustable headband characteristic adjustable notches together with brush aluminum band. The soft ear cups are comfortable on the ears together with characteristic the micro USB port, microphone, 3.5mm socket, together with 3 buttons. The 3 buttons include the ability ON/OFF push (also the pairing, Play/Pause button), together with book up/down buttons.
passive noise-isolation reduces exterior dissonance substantially
The Mixcder ShareMe v headphones are flexible together with bendable together with therefore you lot tin stretch them upwards to jibe unlike caput sizes without losing their shape.