Ozmo Smart Loving Cup As Well As H2o App Keeps Tabs Of H2o As Well As Java Intake!

- July 28, 2018
If you lot similar the stance of a collapsible H2O bottle you may live interested inward checking out a smart cup, called Ozmo, that volition attention you lot continue tabs of your H2O intake. The Ozmo Smart Cup helps you lot rails both H2O together with java intake thence you lot know precisely how much H2O together with java you lot drink.
Tracking is done via an app called Ozmo H2O app that allows you lot to ready goals for achieving hydration together with meet your daily consumption of both H2O together with java at a glance. I never appear to drinkable plenty H2O thence this solution for certain helps.
Best of all, The Ozmo smart loving cup syncs amongst action trackers thence you lot tin suit your goals inward existent time. 
The Ozmo smart loving cup comes amongst a rechargeable battery that charges via USB. It alone takes 1 to ii hours to laissez passer on a total charge, together with battery life lasts a massive 3 weeks! When total accuse is complete, you lot volition meet iii LED lights low-cal up.

The Ozmo smart loving cup industrial plant past times sending you lot reminders together with alerts to attention you lot accomplish your hydration goals

The Ozmo smart H2O loving cup is compatible amongst iOS8 operating system, together with Android 5.0 operating system.
micro USB port condom protector
micro USB port adjacent to Reset button

To sync the Ozmo loving cup amongst the Water App on your phone, you lot ask to plug inward the smart loving cup to a ability source, await a few seconds together with and then unplug it from the ability source. This procedure turns on the built-in Bluetooth inward the Ozmo smart loving cup together with allows you lot to sync the loving cup amongst the H2O app. Once syncing has been successful you lot volition meet the LEDs flashing.

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The Ozmo smart loving cup prevents whatever spillages thank you lot to its secured magnetic lid which tightly screws to the cup. The lid has a popular upwardly lip that allows you lot to drinkable from the loving cup without whatever spillages. 
When you lot fill upwardly up the Ozmo loving cup amongst H2O or coffee, the content is automatically detected when you lot closed the lid (when the LED low-cal turns on it agency the lid is non securely closed). The Ozmo loving cup is able to say the departure betwixt H2O together with java together with tape the quantity of liquid.
Every fourth dimension you lot drinkable or accept a sip from the cup, the amount of liquid volition live recorded every fourth dimension automatically. Make sure the lid is tightly closed, otherwise, the Ozmo Cup's Bluetooth volition plough off.
The LED alerts operate every bit follows. Notice the iii LEDs stacked on guide house of i another. When you lot meet the bottom LED blinking, it agency you lot induce got achieved 20% of your hydration goal. When you lot meet the middle LED blinking, it agency you lot induce got achieved 50% of your hydration goal, together with when you lot meet the guide house LED blinking it agency you lot induce got achieved 90% of your hydration goal. When all iii LEDs are blinking simultaneously, it agency you lot induce got achieved 100% of your daily hydration goal.
The vibration alerts are triggered when the lid is opened upwardly (the middle LED lights on piece vibrating iii times), depression battery (bottom LED blinking iii times),  plugged inward USB cable (the loving cup vibrates twice). The Ozmo smart cup volition vibrate vi times, when you lot induce got non drank H2O for over an hour. 

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