Picture Keeper Connect Usb Photograph Backup Drive!

There is a simple, prophylactic in addition to slow way to store moments in addition to memories via a trivial gadget, called Picture Keeper Connect, which plant amongst an app in addition to requires no meshwork connectedness to dorsum upwards or restore all your photos, videos or contacts.
Picture Keeper Connect is essentially a flash drive amongst Lightning in addition to USB connectors in addition to built-in software that automatically does the backing upwards in addition to restoring procedure for you, allowing yous to dorsum upwards thousands of photos inwards a snap.
You tin halt restore in addition to dorsum upwards to an OTG-enabled Android device or Apple device (iOS 6.0+) or reckoner (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, MAC OS 10.5 in addition to above) inwards i slow step.
Simply download the Connect app, claw the drive to your telephone or reckoner in addition to permit this nifty gadget dorsum upwards your data, and/or restore information into a novel device.
When yous launch the Picture Keeper Connect app, click "Start Back Up" in addition to it automatically finds all your photos in addition to videos in addition to backs them up. Then, when yous accept to a greater extent than photos in addition to yous instruct dorsum to dorsum them upwards in i lawsuit again Picture Keeper Connect is smart plenty to know to start where yous left off in addition to hence it doesn't start backing upwards from the beginning.
Picture Keeper Connects' software is likewise smart plenty to know when yous are using several Picture Keeper drives. This agency when i Picture Keeper fills upwards in addition to yous plug inwards a 2d drive, the 2d Picture Keeper volition proceed backing upwards where the other i left off.
Another cool characteristic nearly Picture Keeper Connect is that when using it amongst a reckoner it recreates the folders that yous already created on your reckoner in addition to saves the photos correct into those folders. This characteristic is bully because it makes it easier to abide by the pictures on the Picture Keeper Connect backup every bit the pictures volition travel organized the same way yous had them on your computer
You tin halt register your electronic mail amongst Picture Keeper in addition to they'll sent a monthly reminder to dorsum upwards your photos every month.