Sennheiser Gsp 350 Shut Dorsum Environs Audio Gaming Headset!

If yous are looking for a dyad of dissonance isolating gaming headphones that are super comfortable (even if yous article of apparel glasses), yous definitely desire to banking company gibe out the GSP 350 headset Sennheiser gaming series!

soft ear cups alongside lovely black/red coloring scheme
The Sennheiser GSP 350 are closed-back as well as nifty to article of apparel for long periods of fourth dimension for a maximum gaming immersion experience.
The Sennheiser GSP 350 surroundings audio gaming headset has speakers mounted against enterprise cups so, the audio from the headphones won't become picked upward yesteryear the microphone when chatting during online gaming.
noise cancelling broadcast lineament microphone microphone
The broadcast quality, dissonance cancelling microphone on the Sennheiser GSP 350 filters ambient audio really good as well as has a good balanced sensitivity (-41 dBV/PA) alongside a frequency answer ranging from 10 Hz to 15,000 Hz. The microphone besides has a neat "lift-to-mute" characteristic that allows yous to automatically mute the microphone yesteryear raising the nail arm.

molded packaging
automatic microphone mute yesteryear raising the nail arm
2-year international warranty
The Sennheiser GSP 350 shut dorsum surroundings audio gaming headset is besides depression impedance (19 Ohm), which is nifty equally it agency yous tin role this headset on low-power devices.
adjustable headband
As far equally sound, the Sennheiser GSP 350 shut back produces a deep boomy bass alongside detailed clarity thank yous to the depression destination 26 kHz frequency answer as well as fifteen Hz high destination frequency response. Bomb impacts as well as footsteps inward shooter games such equally Black Ops three actually come upward alive!
Surround Dongle cable: 1.7 1000 / USB extension cable: 1.2 m 
H5N1 few other squeamish convenience features yous become alongside the Sennheiser GSP 350 surroundings audio gaming headset include retention foam ear pads, book dial, Dolby Surround 7.1, comfortable split upward headband as well as surroundings audio dongle for PC to switch betwixt stereo audio as well as surroundings sound.
intuitive book control for on-the-fly audio adjustments
headphone jack
Additionally, yous tin download Sennheiser's surroundings audio equalizer software to customize the surroundings audio or plough it ‘Off’ for a neutral audio performance.