Sennheiser Ocx 686G Sports Earbuds Alongside Book Command & Mic!

- July 31, 2018
Following upward from yesterday's review of the Sennheiser's PMX 686G, I am reviewing today roughly other couplet of sports earbuds past times Sennheiser, the OCX 686G Sports!
Sennheiser OCX 686G sports earphones bring similar features to the PMX 686Gs such every bit smartphone remote as well as mic, long cable (1.2 meters), every bit good every bit beingness H2O resistant as well as washable.

The OCX 686G sports likewise part the same frequency reply (18Hz–20kHz) every bit the PMX 686Gs as well as thus the trebles are rattling clear as well as the bass is nicely emphasized without beingness over powering.
Being lightweight as well as slimline, the OCX 686G sports earbuds are comfortable to habiliment as well as yous don't honor yous are wearing them, fifty-fifty subsequently a long session at the gym or spell wearing glasses.
The packaging reads "Samsung Galazy" only the inline remote command likewise industrial plant neat alongside other Android phones such every bit the Alcatel PopStar as well as ARCHOS 50e Helium.
 The audio isolation on the OCX 686G sports earbuds is rattling skillful thank yous to the sealed in-ear-canal pattern so, if yous are looking for a couplet of inwards ear sports headphones that block exterior noise, the OCX 686 sport earbuds won't disappoint.
The OCX 686G sports oval cable is reinforced alongside Para-aramid (so it's anti-tangle) as well as it's symmetrical so the left as well as correct cords bring the same length. The jack connexion at the halt of the cable is L-shaped.
With the OCX 686G Sports, yous likewise become a breathable carrying case, dissimilar size ear tips, croc clip, as well as instruction/warranty booklet.

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