Sennheiser Pmx 686G Sports Washable Collar Headphones!

- July 31, 2018
If you lot are looking for a brace of comfortable sports collar inwards ear headphones that you lot tin launder too role amongst helmets too glasses, banking concern represent out the Sennheiser's PMX 686G!
The PMX 686G Sports past times Sennheiser audio smashing (Omnidirectional pattern), await smashing too they are ideal for gym workouts, running or when out too about, thank you lot to the vertical in-ear blueprint which gives you lot greater situational awareness.
inline remote amongst mic
As far equally the frequency response, the PMX 686G Sports gain really skillful bass (20kHz) too rich trebles (18Hz) amongst perfect audio isolation for awareness of the surroundings around you. The impedance on these is thirty ohms too then smartphones tin ability the audio loud enough.
The PMX 686G Sports collar headphones are likewise effort too H2O resistant too convey a long 1.2 meter cable amongst an L-shaped connecter jack at the end.
inline remote
The oval-shaped cable is anti-tangle too reinforced amongst Para-Aramid fibers similar to Kevlar material.
The PMX 686 SPORTS also characteristic an in-line remote amongst built-in mic that is compatible amongst Android, Windows Mobile too Blackberry devices.
Inside the box, you lot likewise perish ii sets of replaceable Antimicrobial earbuds that you lot tin launder off, 2-year warranty too a prissy looking padded pouch to acquit the headphones around.

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