Soundpeats Q16 Cordless Bluetooth V4.2 Aptx Inward Ear Buds

Wireless earphones are really wireless when they don't convey whatsoever type of cord connecting them! If y'all are looking for a twain of really cordless in-ear buds amongst the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology, cheque out the SoundPEATS Q16!
control buttons on each ear slice (volume, skip tracks, play/pause in addition to answer calls)
The SoundPEATS Q16 are non alone really wireless in-ear earphones but also characteristic Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which agency improve speed transfer rates (from 27 bytes to 251 bytes) in addition to longer battery life.
adjustable sweatproof earhooks
each ear slice has a 95mAh rechargeable battery, LED indicator in addition to a mic
As the earbuds don't convey a collar nor brusk cord connecting them, the SoundPEATS Q16 are really wireless earphones, giving y'all that freeing feeling of wireless headphones.
 different size silicone tips
aptX in addition to CVC 6.0 technology
Being cordless Bluetooth earphones, you tin forcefulness out role each earpiece independently in addition to hence y'all tin forcefulness out portion the other ear slice amongst somebody else, which is pretty cool.
angled nozzles
6 hours of play fourth dimension on a unmarried accuse (1.5 hrs charging time)
dual micro USB charging cable included
As far equally audio quality, the SoundPEATS Q16 audio great, delivering skilful bass amongst rich, sum sound. These earbuds experience similar having existent speakers on your tin forcefulness out clearly involve heed every musical instrument in addition to every fine audio effect.
One-Year Warranty