Speedlink Obsidia Ergonomic 3200 Dpi Usb Mouse Alongside V Buttons

If you lot are somebody who industrial plant and/or plays hours on destination on a computer, you lot would know the importance of a comfortable laid up.
The final affair you lot desire is a strained dorsum or hand, which is why an ergonomic chair as well as comfortable mouse are as well as thus important.
With Speedlink's OBSIDIA mouse you lot instruct an ergonomic 3200 dpi USB mouse amongst optical sensor as well as 5 buttons for right-handed use.
The dorsum arch angle of the OBSIDIA 3200 dpi mouse measures 44mm high as well as thus it nicely accommodates your palm, allowing the weight of the paw to remainder solely on the mouse.
As far every bit the width as well as length, the OBSIDIA mouse measures 87mm broad as well as 113mm long. The pocket-size time out on the left side of the mouse is perfect every bit it allows your pollex as well as the "ball of the thumb" to comfortable remainder on the mouse.
weighs only 100 grams
Two of the 5 buttons that come upward amongst the OBSIDIA mouse are located correct inwards a higher house the pocket-size pollex recess, as well as these ii buttons are perfectly designed to hold upward triggered past times the thumb's interphalangeal articulation (IP) joint.
plug as well as play – no additional drivers needed
The built-in optical sensor inwards the OBSIDIA 3200 dpi mouse tin hold upward adjusted all the agency downward to 800 dpi via the dpi push built behind the scroll wheel.
rubber feet
The dpi push allows for toggling betwixt iv sensor settings; piece the rubberized scroll cycle tin scroll from left to correct 2 dimensionally (2D)

USB cable length is 1.8 meters