Xtorm Fs101 Fuel Banking Concern 2X 5000Mah Backup Battery Alongside Auto/Stop Charging!

- July 29, 2018
If y'all are looking for a compact in addition to lightweight backup battery that y'all tin role on the go, cheque out  the Xtorm FS101 Fuel Bank 2X.
comes alongside a two twelvemonth warranty
The FS101 Fuel Bank has a 5000 mAh battery alongside a maximum 2.1 Amps input that is powerful plenty to accuse a smartphone twice over, though y'all tin likewise role it to accuse a digital camera, game controller, wireless headphones in addition to other USB devices.
The FS101 5000 mAh battery comes already pre-charged in addition to then it plant correct out of the box. Simply plug it into whatever USB device in addition to the battery volition automatically get-go in addition to destination charging when the USB device is fully charged (That agency no postulate to worry nearly accuse overload).
four LED indicator betoken 25%, 50%, 75% in addition to 100% charge
On the Xtorm FS101 Fuel Bank battery, y'all instruct a ability button, LED ability indicators in addition to a touchstone USB in addition to micro USB ports. The touchstone USB port is a 5V USB OUT, spell the micro USB port is a 5V USB IN. The battery outside is rubberized in addition to then it has a squeamish experience to it when gripping inward your hands.

compatible alongside iPhone, iPod, iPad
Charging fourth dimension for a touchstone USB device is unopen to ninety minutes. Charging the 5000 mAh battery tin travel done via a laptop/ PC or air-conditioning original adapter. Charging through a laptop in addition to mains takes vii in addition to five hours respectively.
micro USB cable included
charging ALCATEL POPStar
Xtorm 4000 mAh, Xtorm 5000 mAh & Xtorm 18,000 mAh

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