Xtorm Fs104 20,000Mah Fuel Banking Concern 8X High Capacity Ability Bank

If you're looking for a ability banking concern that tin provide a boatload of charging capacity to accuse your hungry gadgets, banking concern gibe out the FS104 ability bank! The FS104 is the big blood brother of the Fuel Bank range, a high capacity ability banking concern that is able to pack 20,000mAh of battery life.
LED ability indicator on top
The FS104 tin accuse a 2915 mAH battery band at to the lowest degree 8 times over earlier you lot ask to recharge the ability bank. The FS104 is literary the big blood brother of the 5000mAh FS101 ability bank. The FS104 is compact in addition to has a rubberized exterior, which makes the ability banking concern non-slip in addition to durable.
charging fourth dimension is unopen to x hours
The Fuel Bank 8x is recharged via micro USB port at 5V/2A in addition to features a ability push clit that doubles upwardly every bit the battery indicator. You expire dual USB outputs, both of which tin output 2.4 amps at five volts, allowing to accuse 2 devices at the same time.
74Wh (watts per hour) battery. This way if you lot were to role a device that uses, let's say, x watts of power, the FS140 ability banking concern volition move able to ability the device for at to the lowest degree 7.4 hours. If the device uses fifty watts of power, hence the ability banking concern volition concluding 1.50 hours; hence on in addition to hence forth.
size 167 x 68,5 x 23 mm
inside the box you lot expire an teaching manual in addition to USB charging cable
2 years warranty