Xtorm Portable Ability Banking Enterprise 4000Mah Charges Phones Inwards 1 Hour!

- July 31, 2018
It's swell how mobile phones larn smarter every year, but does battery life larn whatever better? If you lot would similar to add together a few to a greater extent than hours to your phone's battery life or other USB-powered devices piece on the go, you lot ask a ability depository fiscal establishment similar the Xtorm Power Bank XB099!
The Xtorm XB099 ability depository fiscal establishment is a lightweight (120 grams) too compact 4000mAh portable smartphone charger that you lot tin post away get got amongst you lot on the go, too hence you lot never get got to worry nearly running out of battery. The unit of measurement measures alone nine cm tall, 4 cm broad too 2.2 cm thick (99 mm x xl mm x 22 mm).
integrated charging cable
The Xtorm Power Bank 4000mAh battery has rubberized overstep too bottom, a ability on/off button, 2 USB ports, built-in charging cable, a micro USB port too 4 LED indicators to say you lot how much battery life in that place is left inwards the XB099 ability bank. Each LED indicator indicates 25%, 50%, 75% too 100% battery life respectively.
included bear pouch
The integrated charging cable comes actually handy for charging the ability depository fiscal establishment via USB wall socket, PC USB or USB solar panel.
charging Alcatel PopStar...4 LED indicators on the side
Aside from the integrated charging cable, the Xtorm Power Bank 4000mAh has a micro USB port to permit you lot accuse the unit of measurement via a longer micro USB cable. Charging the XB099 ability depository fiscal establishment alone takes 3 hours too you lot tin post away accuse your smartphone inwards only 1 hour!
micro USB port
You larn 2 USB ports amongst the Xtorm Power Bank 4000mAh too hence you lot tin post away accuse 2 USB-powered devices at the same fourth dimension at a full output of 2.5A. You tin post away accuse your smartphone 3 times over earlier having to recharge the XB099 ability depository fiscal establishment again.
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