Xtorm Xb103 Qi Wireless Charger 8000Mah Ability Bank!

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 ability banking corporation amongst Qi wireless charging that you lot tin role to accuse your smartphone wirelessly on the become is actually awesome technology!
silicone security charging cable
Even ameliorate it is when you lot tin accuse iii devices at the same fourth dimension together with the Xtorm XB103 does just that. You tin accuse iii mobile devices simultaneously via wireless charging together with 2 USB ports. 
With the Xtorm XB103, you lot essentially instruct a Qi wireless charger together with a ability banking corporation all-in-one then you lot tin role the Xtorm XB103 every bit a normal Qi wireless charger or if your smartphone is non Qi-enabled, you lot tin plug it into the Xtorm XB103 via the built-in USB to micro USB cable.
charging cable fits snugly simply about the ability bank
The Xtorm XB103 Qi wireless charger ability banking corporation weighs exclusively 260 grams together with wirelessly charges your telephone via magnetic induction, which way you lot tin accuse your telephone fifty-fifty amongst a telephone illustration on!
 Qi (inductive ability standard) wireless charging
You tin instruct at to the lowest degree four amount telephone charges out of the Xtorm XB103 thank you lot to the ability bank's built-in 8000mAh lithium-ion battery.
power button
As shortly every bit you lot house your wireless-enabled smartphone on transcend of the charging pad, the charging procedure starts automatically.
You instruct 2 USB ports, each of them outputting five Volts at 2.5 Amps, too every bit a LED indicator that tells you lot the remaining battery life of the ability bank.
The ability banking corporation tin hold upward recharged from a dedicated USB charging port on a PC or a measure air-conditioning wall outlet.
inside the box
The Xtorm XB103 Qi wireless charger 8000mAh ability bank is compatible amongst the Google Nexus 4+5, Nokia Lumia 920-928 en higher, HTC Droid DNA, Samsung S5 en higher.