Y-Cam Protect Alert System: Affordable Habitation Intrusion Detection System

If you're looking for an affordable, tardily together with fast way to secure together with monitor the within of your home, visit a solution such equally Y-Cam Protect Alarm System!
Y-Cam Protect Alarm System integrates SIM bill of fare backup, Internet backup together with 8 hr battery backup, which way fifty-fifty if y'all larn a ability cutting or Internet loss the Y-cam alert arrangement volition rest fully operational.
How does it work? Y-Cam Protect Alarm System consists of a hub (the principal system) together with sensors that are essentially the eyes together with ears of the hub system. Monitoring is done past times the user together with then no monthly fees!
Anything the sensors alternative up, they volition trigger the alert alerting y'all via minute alerts to your smartphone.
There are no wires to run equally at that topographic point are no drilling holes required. You tin post away develop this alert arrangement real easily together with speedily without professional person expertise, which is nice.
You tin post away command the unit of measurement via your smartphone and/or remote. Setting the Y-Cam alert arrangement is super tardily via the Y-cam app

The Y-cam app gives y'all the same functionality y'all larn amongst the Protect Remote but y'all tin post away create much to a greater extent than amongst the Y-cam app such equally develop alerts, upgrade the firmware of the hub system, enable/disable the Tamper switch, cheque the dot forcefulness together with cheque battery flat of sensors.

What's inwards the box? Here is what y'all larn amongst the Y-cam Protect Alarm System:

Hub System
The hub arrangement registers the inputs received from the sensors together with features an LED indicator light, an antenna port, an Ethernet port together with a ability DC port. On the bottom of the unit, y'all larn security feet together with holes for hanging upward the unit.
Protect Remote
the remote features a panic button
The Protect Remote controls the Y-cam hub alert arrangement without using the Y-cam app together with then it allows y'all to arm/disarm the alert the arrangement at unopen make (around 150 meters). The remote is powered past times a unmarried CR2450 money prison theatre cellphone battery. The remote likewise features a Home push which when pressed disables the motion sensor when y'all are abode (the access sensors remained armed).

Protect Motion Sensor
The Protect Motion Sensor detects motion within a 100-degree champaign of view. You tin post away accept equally many of these protect motion sensors amongst the Y-cam Protect Alarm arrangement together with they are real tardily to laid up. Simply stick the included 3M gluey record on the dorsum of the sensor together with stick it anywhere y'all like. On the dorsum of the Protect Motion Sensor, you'll likewise run across a switch. It is a Tamper Switch designed to alert y'all should anyone tries to withdraw the sensor.
Protect Access Sensor
The Protect Access Sensor is designed to locomote fitted on doors together with windows together with consists of 2 parts connected together magnetically. The infinitesimal the 2 parts are detached it volition trigger the alarm. The Protect Access Sensor likewise has a Tamper Switch, only similar the Protect Motion Sensor.
the alert sounds loud plenty to spook a would-be thief
The larger component of the Protect Access Sensor is powered past times a single CR123A money prison theatre cellphone battery together with measures 69,5mm long. The smaller component is non-battery powered together with measures 34.75mm long. The Protect Access Sensor volition post a dot to the principal arrangement hub when battery is running low.
Y-cam Protect Alarm System comes amongst a real detailed, tardily to read instruction's manual, showing precisely how the unit of measurement is laid up, including features similar Y-cam Skill which enable Amazon Alexa vocalization command of your Protect Alarm.
visual deterrent sticker included
As mentioned earlier, Y-cam's Protect Alarm System requires no monthly fees. With that said, it is worth sign upward to the Y-cam Plus service in social club maximize protection together with larn tons of benefits such as Internet, SIM bill of fare together with battery backup, SMS together with force alert notifications, 24/7 business monitoring, monthly alert together with video action logs, 3 twelvemonth extended warranty together with 1 twelvemonth minute replacements.