Alcatel Onetouch Popular Star 5022X Eight Megapixel Photographic Goggle Box Camera Alongside Hd Screen!

- August 03, 2018
If you lot are looking for an slow to usage in addition to lightweight smartphone amongst a keen camera, punchy hard disk shroud in addition to nippy performance, banking firm fit out the Alcatel 3V dual camera in addition to the Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop Star 5022X smartphone!
The Alcatel ONETOUCH Pop Star 5022X smartphone has a 5-inch IPS TFT LCD amongst a resolution of 720p (1280x720), equally good equally Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, 2G in addition to 3G network capability.
(volume rocker)
The Pop Star 5022X runs on stock Android 5.1 Lollipop operating organization amongst MediaTek MT6580 iv cores processor that clocks 1,30 GHz (so searching in addition to loading upward apps is fast)
(micro SIM carte & micro SD carte slots)
With the Alcatel Pop Star, you lot also instruct 1GB of RAM in addition to 8 GB of internal retentivity storage, equally good equally micro SD carte expansion for upward to an additional 32 GB of retentivity storage.
(earpiece speaker and headphone hack)

(micro USB port)
Pop Star Functional Design 
The Alcatel Pop Star 5022X has a sleek curved dorsum in addition to compact shape that allows you lot to usage the telephone 1 handed. The headphone jack is on top; piece the book rocker in addition to might push clitoris are on the correct side in addition to left side respectively.
The micro USB port is on the bottom; piece the flash torch is exactly beneath the bring upward camera. The microphone in addition to earpiece speaker, both hit a practiced a practiced chore at delivering clear audio without crackling in addition to muffling noises during telephone calls. You also instruct a physical Home Button along amongst a Back Key on the left in addition to a Recent App Key on the correct side of the Home Button.
The Alcatel Pop Star is powered yesteryear a 3.8 volts 2000mAh lithium ion battery (TLi020F1) that gives you lot around 12 hours of utter time.
(speakerphone on the back)
The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is ARM Mali +Arm, which gives the Pop Star an fifty-fifty lower might consumption. Charging is real fast. I was able to accuse 40% inwards around 25 minutes!
Inside the box, you lot instruct USB mains charger, micro USB cable, stereo earphones, user guide in addition to 3 battery covers: white, silvery in addition to soft gold.

There is also an indicator lite on the laissez passer on correct corner of the telephone (where the forepart photographic telly camera is) that lights upward when the telephone is fully charged in addition to when you lot direct maintain missed a telephone band or text.
As mentioned earlier, the Alcatel Pop Star is real slow to usage amongst a dainty user-friendly shroud layout in addition to handy functional features such equally Screen Capture. You tin accept a screenshot of your phone's shroud yesteryear merely belongings the book downward in addition to pressing the might push clitoris at the same time.
You tin also snap multiple pictures inwards quick succession yesteryear belongings the shutter push clitoris for equally long equally you lot require.

Camera/ Video Modes
Both cameras are practiced character in addition to hit clear pictures in addition to shine video recordings. The forepart photographic telly camera has five megapixels; piece the 8 megapixels bring upward photographic telly camera of the OneTouch Pop Star does also Full hard disk video recording.
Alcatel Pop Star's photographic telly camera in addition to video modes come upward packed amongst enough of functionality that you lot typically observe inwards a video photographic telly camera similar the SONY A5000 like Panorama Mode. Other photographic telly camera features include Scene Mode, Anti-Flicker, White Balance in addition to Exposure to accommodate the contrast in addition to brightness.

There is also a Face Detection in addition to Self-Timer features, equally good equally Zero Shutter Delay in addition to ISO, which allows you lot to accommodate the ISO sensitivity to a maximum of 1600 ISO.

Another cool characteristic of the Alcatel Pop Star cellular telephone is Object Tracking, which allows you lot to rails anything inwards Camera Mode. You merely acquit upon in addition to agree the object on shroud in addition to the photographic telly camera lens volition automatically rails the object (great characteristic for moving objects).
In video mode, you lot also instruct the Time Lapse characteristic in addition to Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). You tin select from a maximum high video character of 1920x1088 in addition to you lot tin also educate the Microphone off for video recordings. Check out the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star 5022X

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