Archos 50E Helium 4G Alongside Hd Screen, Dual Sim & Fusion Storage!

- August 02, 2018
If y'all are looking for an entry score smartphone with 4G speeds, hard disk screen, dual cameras, dual SIM carte too tons of functionality, cheque out the ARCHOS 50e Helium 4G smartphone!
The ARCHOS 50e Helium has 4G connectivity, then y'all larn the latest 4th generation of mobile IT scientific discipline too Long Term Evolution (LTE), which is the fastest connectedness available for wireless networks.
The ARCHOS 50e Helium has a peak connectedness speed of over 150 megabits per second, which agency super fast mesh browsing.
USB charger
The 5-inch display of the ARCHOS 50e Helium has a total High Definition resolution of 1280 yesteryear 720 amongst IPS technology scientific discipline that gives y'all extra broad viewing angles, sudden text, vivid colors too crisp pictures too videos.
The processing encephalon of the ARCHOS 50e Helium is a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor that clocks 1.1Ghz. The Quad-Core too built-in 4G LTE technology scientific discipline makes spider web browsing too gaming actually fluid on the ARCHOS 50e Helium.

You larn 1 GB of RAM too 8 GB of storage addition SD carte storage upward to 32 GB, equally good equally +Android 5.1 Lollipop which offers a really responsive too intuitive screen-touch interaction. You larn a ton to a greater extent than nifty features amongst Android Lollipop such equally a battery saver characteristic that extends your smartphone's battery life fifty-fifty longer.
With the ARCHOS 50e Helium 4G y'all too larn dual cameras too dual SIM carte support. The dorsum photographic television camera is able to create 8 megapixel pictures too hard disk videos, spell the front end photographic television camera produces five megapixel film quality.
2,100mAh battery
micro SD carte too dual SIM slots
As far equally dual SIM carte support, y'all tin grapple 2 network providers simultaneously with the ARCHOS 50e Helium 4G, allowing y'all to grapple 2 unlike mobile numbers from 1 unmarried handset.

With the ARCHOS 50e Helium y'all too larn a dedicated Media Center amongst a ton of functional apps such equally the ARCHOS Player which allows y'all to stream media from your PC to your ARCHOS phone across a WiFi network. You but conduct the selection Network ‘UPnP’ from your ARCHOS Video/Photo thespian too select Media Sharing from your Windows PC.
micro USB port too headset jack
The ARCHOS 50e Helium telephone itself features a micro-USB port, telephone speaker too headset jack on top, a flash low-cal (next to the dorsum camera) too a loudspeaker on the dorsum of the phone.
The book buttons too ON/OFF push are located on the correct mitt side, spell the Recent apps, Home too Back buttons are all touchscreen buttons.
Phone speaker, front end photographic television camera too low-cal sensor
There is too a Light sensor, side yesteryear side to the Phone Speaker, that turns off the hide when y'all lay the telephone to a greater extent than or less your ear during a call. This is really handy characteristic to foreclose y'all from accidentally hanging upward during a call.

The default homescreen on the ARCHOS 50e Helium is slow to utilization too gives y'all access to the app section, Google Now, Google Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, PhoneBook too PhoneCall. As far equally the Camera/Video modes, the ARCHOS 50e Helium has enough of useful settings to tending y'all larn the best film too video quality.

white balance

scene mode
You tin adapt the contrast, brightness too film lineament resolution, equally good equally film size from 8 megapixels to 1.3 megapixels.

picture quality

picture size
In video mode, y'all tin adapt the video lineament from HD720 lineament (1280×720) all the way downwards to QCIF lineament (176 x 144 pixels). You tin too adapt the photographic television camera brightness according to electrical current lighting conditions, equally good equally the duration of the video recording (from xxx seconds to unlimited).
In all, amongst the ARCHOS 50e Helium y'all larn a 1GB of RAM smartphone amongst 8-megapixel camera, a 5-inch 720p IPS display too 1.1 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor, equally good equally 8GB of storage amongst microSD support. Check out the ARCHOS 50e Helium 4G

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