Audio Module For Arduino Records Xi Minutes Together With Playbacks Multiple Well Bites!

If you lot are looking for an well solution that tin locomote used alongside the Arduino or standalone to tape longer than sixty seconds, cheque out HQ Audio. The HQ Audio is essentially an well recorder/playback module that allows you lot to tape most 700 seconds (11 minutes) of audio, playback upward to 8 dissimilar well bites together with superimpose your ain voice!

With to a greater extent than than eleven minutes of recording room, you lot tin produce anything from recording cool well bites using the PC to cool Arduino projects such every bit vocalization activated doorbells, alert systems, etc.

The HQ Audio module features a microcontroller, an external well input, onboard microphone, 8 momentary force buttons, record/playback switch, well output (to plug inwards a laid upward of speakers), speaker connectedness and a pivot rails to connect your Arduino.

The module board tin play 1 truly long message or upward to 8 dissimilar messages via 4 modes of operation: unmarried message mode, ii message mode, 4 message vogue together with 8 message mode.

You teach ii ability options onboard also, which include a 5mm ability socket (for an ac to dc adapter) together with ability in conclusion block alongside V+ (from 7.5volts to 12 volts) together with Ground for the DC ground.

The well module besides features onboard a ii pivot well recording header to conduct either onboard microphone recording (no jumper attached) or external well input recording (jumper attached). The ii pivot well recording selector characteristic is truly quite neat because when you lot are recording you can piece of occupation both the well input together with the microphone to lay your ain vocalization over a well at the same time.

Interfacing the HQ module board alongside your Arduino is done via the module's 10-pin header. Two of these pins are the v+ (regulated five volts) together with DC reason connection. The other 8 pins tally to the 8 force buttons together with these pins command messages 1 through 8 respectively.

It is real slow interfacing the HQ Audio module alongside  Arduino every bit you lot only execute a digitalWrite GPIO HIGH telephone telephone past times default of all the GPIOS from your Arduino that are connected to whatever of these pins. To tape or playback messages, you lot execute a digitalWrite GPIO LOW telephone telephone (you only ask a 100 ms depression pulse to trigger a playback). To halt playback, you lot only post or together with then other depression pulse during mid-message to cancel the playback together with provide to standby mode. +patrickikis