Breakfree Delid Tool Fits Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil’S Canyon Together With Skylake Cpus!

Improving the contact betwixt the integrated oestrus spreader (IHS) together with the conk of your CPU volition locomote yous a pregnant boost inwards performance.
With that said, I am reviewing today the delidding a CPU without a razor blade or vice.
The BreakFree delid tool uses an fifty-fifty rotational forcefulness to course of written report the IHS from the PCB (Process command block)  ans tin hand the axe live on used amongst Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil’s Canyon together with Skylake CPUs. All yous take to to operate the delid tool is a 5mm Allen key.
Then, but house the CPU into seat on the BreakFree delid tool, prevarication upward the 2 notches, tighten the 4 thumbscrews, together with role an 5mm Allen fundamental to tighten the bolt on the side until no resistance is felt.
To re-lid the CPU, yous but scrape off the adhesive residuum from the IHS together with the PCB (place the PCB on the alignment jig to locomote inwards easier). Apply TIM (thermal paste) on the conk together with role the alignment jig to align the IHS dorsum on accurately. While pushing downward the socket lever, press downward on the integrated oestrus spreader (IHS) to foreclose it from shifting.