Ei8htball Ex811 High Publish Energy Micro Earphone Speakers!

The Ei8htball EX811 in-ear headphones come upward nicely presented inward optic catching artistic packaging amongst cherry together with dark coloring scheme.
The earphones themselves come upward inward protected foam together with are high unloosen energy micro speakers amongst 11mm dynamic transducer drivers amongst 99-decibel sensitivity together with frequency reply ranging from 21kHZ to 19HZ.
The Ei8htball logo themed afterwards the Royal Air Force roundels identification grade looks bang-up on the dorsum of the earphones.
The broad frequency reply hit way the EX811 headphones deliver real skillful highs together with lows across the total spectrum together with thus they piece of work good for listening to a skillful hit of music.
From classical symphony orchestra to rich-bass heavy hip-hop tracks, the EX811 earphones make a skillful project at producing bang-up treble special without overwhelming deep punchy bass.
The Ei8htball EX811 are besides depression impedance (16 ohms) together with thus they require picayune ability to make high good levels, which is bang-up if excogitation to job these earphones amongst depression amplification portable devices similar smartphones.
The braided cable has a touchstone 3.5mm gold-plated TRRS jack, every bit good every bit a inline microphone which does a skillful project at picking upward clear good without sounding distorted at the other end. The microphone is built-in the unmarried multi-functional push remote control.
With the Ei8htball EX811 earphones you lot besides larn additional sizes of ear tips. The ear tips are soft silicone that is comfortable to apparel together with make a skillful project at keeping the earphones within the ear canal.
The Verdict
The Ei8htball EX811 earphones come upward amongst a touchstone 12 calendar month warranty cover. They convey a skillful cook quality, they expect bang-up amongst the Royal Air Force roundels themed-logo together with make real balanced sound and bass without beingness overbearing. Check out the Ei8htball EX811 in-ear headphones.