Fastest Mode To Construct In Addition To Plan An Arduino Robot Motorcar Wirelessly!

If yous dear working amongst your Arduino yous volition know how annoying it is having to unplug everything to connect Arduino to a figurer exactly to upload a sketch!
Would it non hold upwardly cool to hold upwardly able to plan your Arduino wirelessly amongst a uncomplicated shield? Well, yous tin post away now! There is an Arduino wireless programming/motor driver shield, called Jetpack Shield, that allows yous to plan too have sensor information from your Arduino projection wirelessly, every bit good every bit construct cool robot cars.
Jetpack is essentially a Bluetooth shield amongst a motor driver IC, which agency yous tin post away displace ii DC motors or a stepper motor simultaneously on either direction. If yous are edifice an Arduino Robots/Car project, yous exactly add together your motors too wheels too your Arduino robot is cook to go.
Not entirely this programming shield/ motor shield solution fits onto an Arduino microcontroller too hence yous tin post away easily reprogram your Arduino without having to unplug all your sensors, but all Arduino pins to the shield accept been extended. This agency yous tin post away fifty-fifty stack unopen to other shield on travel past times of this solution too scope access to all Arduino pins.
Jetpack runs from a unmarried ability beginning along amongst the onboard motor driver too amongst Bluetooth yous tin post away remote command your robot machine or whatever other Arduino projection via your smartphone!

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