Hercules P32dj Beatpad Dj Midi Controller + Djuced 40° App!

The Hercules P32DJ is a portable two-channel MIDI controller/ DJ shell pad amongst 2 xvi past times xvi beatpads as well as onboard audio card.
On the dorsum of the P32DJ controller, you lot volition honor 2 RCA outputs as well as USB socket, which powers the Hercules P32DJ when connected to your computer.
On the correct mitt side, you lot volition honor a quarter inch headphone jack.
Constrols on the P32DJ are tactile as well as dainty to the touch. The faders accept security caps; land the carry buttons as well as beatpad buttons are made of soft rubber.
The mixer department of the P32DJ deck has controls for HIGHS, MIDS as well as LOWS, likewise every bit headphone book buttons, RECORD push (for recording sets) as well as SLIP push for engaging the SLIP agency characteristic which allows you lot to alternative upward a rail where you lot left off when using the LOOP as well as SLICER features of the P32DJ and DJUCED 40° app.
The LOOP characteristic lets you lot trigger momentary loops likewise every bit activate as well as deactivate loops of dissimilar lengths. When the LOOP characteristic is on the travel past times one-half of the grid pad lite visible lamp upward carmine as well as bottom one-half blue.
To starting fourth dimension using the Hercules P32DJ amongst the included DJUCED 40° app software, you lot ask to install the DJUCED 40° app past times downloading DJUCED 40° for PC/laptop or Mac OSX from the DJUCED website. DJUCED 40° software runs on Apple Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows vii or higher versions; as well as you lot entirely ask a 2 GHz processor, 2 GB of retentiveness RAM as well as 1 GB available of disk infinite for the software to run.
Once DJUCED 40° is installed, you lot tin browse, charge samples as well as tracks to the decks straight from the P32DJ's BROWSE knob push as well as LOAD buttons.
The DJUCED 40° has smashing functionality as well as allows you lot to accommodate the BPM of tracks, practice manual loops as well as cutting tracks inwards slices likewise every bit play amongst 4 samples at the same fourth dimension on i deck. You tin banking concern friction match this lead for a to a greater extent than detailed run downward on how to usage the DJUCED 40° app
The Verdict
The Hercules P32DJ MIDI controller is lite as well as compact, slow to use, portable as well as comes amongst the DJUCED 40° DJ application which is smashing to deejay with. You tin practice loop playing as well as sync mixing, tin command fixed loops amongst a unmarried encoder as well as you lot tin encounter the length of the length of the loop inwards the digital display.
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The SLIP agency plant smashing amongst instant loops to practice shell repeat effects without losing the phasing of your rail (great for alive functioning effects).  When SLIP agency is turned off, playback continues inside the loop every bit as no pad is pressed. When SLIP agency is on, the loop volition sideslip to the side past times side piece available. The QUANTIZE agency inwards SAMPLER is smashing every bit it gives you lot perfect synchronization betwixt all the decks as well as the SAMPLER, allowing perfect phasing. Check out the Hercules P32DJ