How To Role Djuced Xl To While Tracks In Addition To Play Multiple Samples Simultaneously!

The DJUCED 40° app is compatible alongside the Hercules P32 DJ as well as other Hercules DJ controllers. This guide volition order you lot guidance on the layout interface of the DJUCED 40°, how to charge a track, how to exercise loops as well as how to usage the slicer as well as multi-layer sampler.

DJUCED 40° Layout Interface
On the locomote yesteryear bar of the DJUCED 40° interface you volition run across the DJUCED 40° logo on the left as well as the layout buttons inwards the middle to toggle betwixt the 4 decks. On the locomote yesteryear right side, you lot volition detect the settings as well as the "about" buttons, CPU meter, the MIDI communication checker, the battery condition as well as the clock.
With the DJUCED 40°, you get 2 effects units, 1 on each side of the deck, every bit good every bit headphone book as well as mixer, master copy tempo, SLIP, snap as well as quantize buttons, master copy book as well as the RECORD buttons.
On each side of the DJUCED 40° interface, you lot volition detect 4 decks (labeled A, B, C, D). Each deck has its ain mixer channel, as well as each mixer channel has a VOLUME fader, GAIN, KEY as well as FILTER settings, 3-band EQUALIZER alongside KILL switches, FX units, SEND buttons as well as a PFL push for the preview listening. Below these decks as well as the mixer, you lot volition detect the CROSSFADER.

At the really bottom of the interface, you lot volition run across the BROWSER tree where you lot tin select from TRACK listing as well as the STATUS BAR. From hither you lot tin charge as well as select tracks.

How To Load a rails in DJUCED 40°
To charge a rails into a deck, you lot only drag as well as drib good files from the BROWSER tree into each deck. DJUCED automatically analyzes the BPM as well as the KEY of the good file every bit good as adjust the BEATGRID as well as lay a CUE Point at the start beat. If the BPM as well as the BEATGRID is non correctly set, you lot tin manually override this by removing the CUE Point as well as opening the BEATGRID panel by clicking on the BPM tab. From the BPM tab, you lot tin usage the ADD/Substract BPM buttons to conform the BPM to motion the BEATGRID.
With the SLICER fashion you lot tin cutting a percentage of a rails inwards slices to rebuild a percentage of a song. The SLICER fashion splits an active loop into 8 slices which you lot tin trigger inwards existent fourth dimension yesteryear jumping betwixt the 8 unlike sections of an active loop yesteryear tapping 1 of the 8 bluish pads to jump into the corresponding spell (the pads low-cal upward brighter when pressed or activated). The other 6 pads volition low-cal upward ruddy as well as you lot tin direct the loop spell length from 1 to 32 beats.

DJUCED 40° Multilayer Sampler
With the multilayer sampler , you lot tin play alongside 4 samples at the same fourth dimension on 1 deck. Each sampler has 4 layers as well as thence you lot tin charge upward to xvi samples per deck. You tin gear upward each sample histrion inwards LOOP or Trigger fashion as well as command their volume. When you lot plough SAMPLER on, the pads low-cal upward ruddy when a sample is loaded into a slot. When you lot play a sample the pad lights upward blue.
Sampler fashion besides features a QUANTIZE fashion which introduces the adjacent vanquish at the adjacent quantized vanquish to start playing the sample. When you lot run across the pad low-cal upward purple, this agency the sample is waiting to hold upward played. To cease a sample, you lot only press SHIFT as well as 1 pad playing a sample. To conform the book of a sample you lot besides usage SHIFT addition 1 of the 4 FX knobs at the locomote yesteryear of the deck.
DJUCED 40° Loop System
DJUCED 40° besides has a LOOP organization which is constitute nether the waveform alongside IN as well as OUT buttons to exercise manual loops, as well as a FIXED LOOP push to exercise loops alongside the perfect vanquish length. With the pads inwards loop mode, you lot tin exercise 2nd temporary loops alongside the ruddy pads as well as continuous loops alongside the majestic pads. When a loop is active, you lot tin besides BEATJUMP forwards as well as backward alongside the MOVE function.

Aside from FIXED LOOP, in that place is besides a SLIP fashion which changes the normal demeanour of a loop as well as thence when you lot exercise a loop alongside the SLIP fashion activated, exiting this loop volition brand the rails jump dorsum to the original seat of the timeline where the rails would convey been if it had continued playing.