How To Transform Your Raspberry Pi Into A Smart Habitation Electricity Meter!

- August 05, 2018
If y'all accept ever wanted to cheque your electrical loose energy consumption at home, y'all tin instantly create this easily without the withdraw of expensive smart meter reading equipment from your loose energy supplier. All y'all withdraw is whatsoever Raspberry Pi model too a solution called SmartPi, which is an expansion module that mounts on exceed of your Raspberry Pi.

With the SmartPi y'all tin essentially plough your Raspberry Pi into an electronic device that measures too records consumption of electrical loose energy via a split-core electrical flow transformer sensor that plugs into a 3.5 mm jack for connecting the electrical flow terminals too screw terminals for connecting the voltage measurement. The SmartPi has iv 3.5 mm jacks too then y'all tin accept upwardly to iv of these split-core electrical flow transformers.

Monitoring too recording of information is done online via a spider web server alongside spider web page too a REST interface, which allows y'all to gear upwardly parameters to alarm y'all when electricity consumption has increased over your pre-set parameter.

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