Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Earpiece Headset Amongst Dual Mic, Geotagging & Siri Compatible!

If y'all are looking for a lightweight wireless earpiece that charges inwards your bag as well as offers crystal clear hard disk calls,  cheque out the Jabra Talk 55 as well as the Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth Earpiece Headset!
The Jabra Eclipse wireless earpiece weighs alone 5.5 grams (0.19 oz), has NFC functionality as well as comes amongst dual mic dissonance cancellation that blocks background noise. The mic character is equally skillful equally the Elite Sport earbuds.
The Jabra Eclipse headset connects to Siri automatically then when y'all are non on a telephone telephone y'all tin utter to Siri or other phonation services
The Jabra Eclipse comes amongst Bluetooth 4.1 but tin also hold out paired using NFC, which is done yesteryear exactly sliding the bottom the of the charging illustration against the NFC zone of your phone.
The Jabra Eclipse earpiece headset charges through USB connecter to your reckoner as well as ane time fully charged the iii LED lights volition lite up. To cheque the battery status, at that spot are ii ways y'all tin produce this. One agency is yesteryear placing the Jabra Eclipse headset inwards the charging illustration as well as tap the Jabra push on the bottom of the case.
The other agency to cheque battery condition is yesteryear tapping the actual headset. Green lite indicates to a greater extent than than 20% battery remaining as well as cerise lite indicates less than 20% battery renaming.
The Jabra Eclipse headset tin concur roughly 3 hours of battery life plus an additional vii hours from the charging illustration then y'all brand it total a cool 10 hours of utter time.
When the Jabra headset is removed from the charging illustration it automatically turns on. To plough the Jabra headset off, y'all exactly house it dorsum inwards the charging case.
When y'all convey an incoming telephone telephone y'all tin reply it ane of iii ways: 1) By removing the Jabra headset from the charging case, 2) By double tapping the Jabra headset, 3) By proverb outloud "answer".

To refuse a call, y'all tin either tell "ignore" or exactly house the Jabra headset dorsum inwards the charging case. To halt a call, y'all tin double tap the Jabra headset or y'all tin halt the telephone telephone yesteryear placing the Jabra headset inwards the charging case.

With the Jabra headset, y'all also driblet dead the JABRA ASSIST app, which allows y'all to customize the taps on your Jabra wireless headset, equally good equally driblet dead on rail visually of the remaining battery life on your Jabra Eclipse wireless headset. If y'all are using an Android phone, y'all tin also driblet dead notified inwards the app when the battery of your Jabra device is below 10%.

Other useful features that come upward amongst the JABRA ASSIST app include over 10 headset languages as well as Find My Car, which is a rattling handy functional characteristic that geo tags the seat of your Jabra headset then y'all tin rail it on the map of your smartphone.
The Verdict
The Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth earpiece headset is lightweight, user friendly as well as comes amongst useful functional features. The JABRA ASSIST app allows y'all to also update your Jabra headset wirelessly without the ask to plug into a PC, equally good equally adapt the incoming telephone telephone good as well as read out-loud incoming messages hands-free.

The JABRA ASSIST app also features an illustrated step-by-step conduct that walks y'all through the procedure of setting upward your Jabra headset. The Find My Car tracking characteristic is rattling handy as well as y'all tin fifty-fifty activate it to brand your Jabra headset brand a good then it is easier to locate. The Jabra wireless headset is also compatible amongst Siri as well as Google Now phonation services. Inside the box, y'all also driblet dead iii dissimilar size ear gel tips, a micro USB cable, user manual, as well as warranty. Check out the Jabra Eclipse Wireless Headset