Mixcder Shareme Vii Bluetooth Over Ear Foldable Headphones!

- August 02, 2018
Up for review today is the MIXCDER ShareMe 7, a span of foldable Bluetooth 4.1 headphones that weigh alone 170 grams as well as characteristic an omni-directional microphone as well as 40mm drivers amongst 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response!
20Hz-20kHz is the human arrive at of hearing as well as the Shareme seven headphones practice a skilful project at reproducing clear highs, mids as well as lows without distortion. Inside the box, yous become a 3.5 mm manly someone to manly someone cable, micro USB charging cable as well as user manual.
Using the MIXCDER ShareMe seven headphones is real easy. The headphone controls are constitute on the correct headphone loving cup  and include the Power On/Off button, Volume Rocker (Volume Up/Volume Down), which also doubles upwards every bit the Track Rocker (Next Track/Previous Track).
To skip to the Previous Track as well as Next track, yous precisely press as well as concord the Volume Up as well as Volume Down buttons respectively. The micro USB charging port, charging LED indicator as well as microphone are located on the left headphone cup.
Both ear cups as well as headband characteristic soft leather padding, spell the headband is also adjustable as well as flexible. The ear cups plication inwards for smaller footprint as well as tardily storage.
Aside from powering on as well as off the unit, the Power On/Off Button also serves many other functions such every bit Pairing Button, Play/Pause Button as well as Answer/Hang Up Call Button.
To spend upwards a call, yous precisely press as well as concord the Power On/Off Button twice. To span the ShareMe seven amongst your smartphone, yous press as well as concord the Power On/Off Button for x seconds. The bluish as well as blood-red LEDs volition flash as well as vox prompt volition tell “Pairing successfully” as well as “Connected ”.
The ShareMe seven headphones also accept a " Call Waiting" characteristic that allows yous to house a electrical current telephone telephone on concord to answer some other telephone telephone past times pressing as well as asset the Power On/Off Button.
You tin also hollo back the concluding dialed position out past times pressing as well as asset the Power On/Off Button for 2 seconds as well as activate SIRI when Bluetooth is connected. Tap the Power On/Off Button twice to activate SIRI.
The chief characteristic that makes the MIXCDER ShareMe seven headphones stand upwards out is the built-in "ShareMe Technology" that allows yous to connect 2 pairs of ShareMe seven headphones together to heed to the same music at the same time.
Once 2 pairs of ShareMe seven headphones are connected, the Volume, Play/Pause as well as Track functionality is available for both pairs of headphones.
Low battery is indicated past times flashing red, spell company blood-red indicates charging mode. Once amount accuse is achieved, the LED volition live on off. Charging fourth dimension is roughly 2 hours as well as yous become roughly xvi hours play/talk fourth dimension (and 300 hours standby time) thank yous to the built-in 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Check out the MIXCDER ShareMe seven Bluetooth Foldable Headset

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