Perform-V Song Effects Processor Amongst Footswitch Input, Built-In Mic Too Over 800 Song Effects!

- August 08, 2018
If y'all are a huge nerd when it comes to good gear or a YouTuber, phonation over creative mortal or alive performing artist, y'all take away to depository fiscal establishment gibe out Perform V!
Perform V is a actually cool song processor that clip mounts on a microphone stand upward in addition to allows y'all to larn a ameliorate phonation amplified good every bit good every bit ameliorate overall song good effects.
Perform V consists of a command knob dial, 3 preset buttons in addition to xi functional buttons (TAP, TALK, SET, 48V, Headphone, DOUBLE, REVERB, ECHO, TONE, Anti-Feedback in addition to PITCH).
The dorsum of the Perform-V features a mini-USB port, Power input socket, Kensington lock, an auxiliary input, a pedal footswitch input, a MIC OUT in addition to MIC IN.
The TONE push is an adaptive musical note that makes your phonation good to a greater extent than produced yesteryear getting rid of muddiness in addition to brightening upward the voice.
The ANTI-Feedback push minimizes speaker squeal; spell the PITCH correction push is used for producing perfectly inwards tuned pitch good (hold downwardly the PITCH push for ii seconds to direct from Flat, Correct, Sharp).

(micro USB cable in addition to ability adapter included)
The DOUBLE, REVERB, in addition to ECHO buttons accept dissimilar styles amongst levels which tin forcefulness out last turned upward in addition to downwardly via the command knob dial. There is alone 4 styles for each of the DOUBLING, REVERB in addition to ECHO, in addition to the styles in addition to their levels tin forcefulness out last stored inwards ane of the 3 preset buttons
The ECHO push has a TAP push for controlling the ECHO tempo; spell the TALK push bypasses all of the effects thence y'all tin forcefulness out utter to an audience yesteryear momentarily turning off the song effects.
Perform V every bit good comes amongst a companion app, called Perform-V App, available on Android and Apple, that allows y'all to add together to a greater extent than song effects via a smartphone or tablet. From the app, y'all tin forcefulness out search in addition to pick from a huge pick of song effects presets yesteryear Genre, Artist, Song, every bit good every bit rapidly access late used presets in addition to grade your favorite presets for after use.

What's actually cool close the app's BEAM characteristic is that it allows y'all to add together song effects real conveniently without having to bargain amongst cables or whatever other interfaces, When y'all pick a song final result preset from the app, it is transmitted to Perform-V via a loud-pitched good sound. The preset good is in addition to then added automatically to ane of the 3 preset buttons selected.

Using Perform-V is real easy. You but develop your microphone yesteryear pressing in addition to asset the SET push for ii seconds spell y'all are singing in addition to talking into the microphone. That's it, you're instantly create to go! Have a listen:
ENTER Sandman Preset

DAN Solo Preset


The Verdict
Perform-V is a powerful song effects processor that clamps easily onto a microphone stand upward in addition to allows y'all to alter your song effects on the fly. You tin forcefulness out download specific song effects from many dissimilar genres in addition to artists. The bully matter close Perform-V is that y'all don't take away to last a performing artists to occupation Perform-V. If y'all are a DJ or a YouTube podcaster y'all tin forcefulness out add together actually cool vocals when doing alive sets.

If y'all desire to proceed the PITCH in addition to REVERB buttons saved together every bit a preset, y'all tin forcefulness out BEAM the preset from the app, or y'all tin forcefulness out develop ane of the on-board reverbs in addition to enable the global pitch correction. Once y'all BEAM presets, they are stored thence y'all don't take away to BEAM them every time.

There is every bit good an input for a footswitch thence y'all tin forcefulness out occupation a switch-3 or switch-6 pedal to access the buttons on Perform-V hand-free. The footswitch is laid yesteryear default to alter presets but it tin forcefulness out every bit good last assigned to other functions yesteryear asset the footswitch y'all desire in addition to and then pressing the push on the Perform V that y'all desire to assign it to.

The TONE push acts similar a EQ that adapts to your phonation for crystal clear phonation clarity. The DOUBLE, REVERB in addition to PITCH buttons are adjusted yesteryear asset downwardly the respectable buttons spell turning upward or downwardly the knob dial. There is every bit good a headphone push in addition to 48V push (phantom ability for a condenser mic). To adjust the headphone book y'all but concur downwardly the headphone push in addition to crank upward or downwardly the knob dial.

After the final result bird reaches maximum, the LED band resets in addition to changes the fashion (sound) of the effect. The LED colouring cloth every bit good changes for each style.

Perform-V every bit good has a 3.5mm socket for y'all to plug inwards your thespian to input music in addition to y'all tin forcefulness out sing through Perform-V's built-in microphone without the take away of an external mic. As far every bit support, TC Helicon provides a dedicated page, called VOICESUPPORT 2, to proceed your Perform-V upward to engagement amongst the latest software, firmware upgrades in addition to create practice your presets. Check out Perform V Vocal Effects Processor

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