Plugable Ud-5900 Multi-Display Docking Station Alongside 4K Support!

- August 05, 2018
If you lot utilisation a laptop or tablet without a docking station, you lot volition know how much of an inconvenience it is having to disconnect in addition to reconnect your peripherals every fourth dimension you lot deed your laptop or tablet around!
That's the beauty of docking stations. You tin post away claw upward a monitor, keyboard, mouse in addition to other peripherals that you lot would unremarkably claw upward straight to a laptop or tablet, saving yourself the bother of having to plug in addition to unplug every fourth dimension you lot move. You merely plug the laptop or tablet into the dock in addition to you're hooked upward to all your peripherals!
Aside from connecting multiple peripherals, docking stations tin post away bring other cool features similar VESA mountable, 4K display in addition to dual video outputs such inwards the instance of the Plugable UD-3900 and Plugable UD-5900 which literary turns your tablet or laptop into a desktop powerhouse.
With the Plugable UD-5900 multi-display docking station, you lot tin post away connect upward to 2 monitors in addition to 8 accessories through a unmarried USB cable. You tin post away connect 1 unmarried 4K display at thirty Hz or 2 2K displays at 60Hz (two displays at 2048x1152 resolution or lower).
In total, you lot give-up the ghost 4 type H5N1 USB 3.0 ports (up to v Gigabits per second), good jack, front end good in/out via 3.5mm TRRS combo jack, Gigabit Ethernet port, a combo good jack for headsets also every bit DVI-I in addition to HDMI connectivity.
The Plugable UD-5900 has the next connectivity: 1 DVI-I via DisplayLink (supports 2K at threescore Hz fresh rate) in addition to 1 HDMI via DisplayLink (supports 4K at 30Hz amongst a unmarried display or 2K at 60Hz).
Setting upward the docking station is pretty straight forward. After you lot install DisplayLink drivers, which you lot tin post away download from the included driver CD, or straight from DisplayLink's primary spider web site, it is plug in addition to play from them on.

The Verdict
The Plugable UD-5900 is a multi functional docking station that functions every bit a touchstone USB hub, telephone charger in addition to dual video output. The included VESA mountain in addition to screws allow you lot to hang the docking station off the dorsum of a monitor to cutting clutter off the desk (you tin post away easily slide inwards in addition to out the docking station out of the VESA mount).

You tin post away connect 4K displays onto whatever Windows 7,8 or 10 PC that has a USB port. The included manful individual VGA to manful individual DVI-I adapter allows for mirroring/extending your Windows desktop to external monitors. As far every bit ability consumption, the UD-5900 runs on xx watts then it has a peachy ability consumption in addition to comes amongst a UL certified 5V/4A ability adapter. Check out the Plugable UD-5900 USB 3.0 Multi-Display Docking Station. You tin post away give-up the ghost it via Amazon every bit well.

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