Rycote Usm Universal Daze Mountain Requires No Rethreading!

The basic operate of the daze mountain is to cut down thump dissonance similar footsteps or pianoforte pedals from existence conducted through a microphone stand upwards too into your microphone capsule. If you lot hap to produce recording nearby a railway station or principal road, a microphone daze mountain volition definitely assistance you lot cutting out depression goal frequency audio transferring to the microphone through the microphone stand.
There are enough of daze mounts to pick out from but 1 daze mountain that stands out is the InVision USM daze mountain past times Rycote. The USM daze mountain provides improve isolation than regular elasticated daze mounts (around 12dB improve isolation) because unlike conventional elasticated daze mounts, Rycote's USM daze mountain does non incorporate whatsoever elastic components.
Instead, the USM daze mount's internal security mountain too interruption clips are made of high durable thermoplastic, which agency dissonance isolation is unaffected past times temperature alter or humidity too no worry of needing re-threading.
3/8" Whitworth woman mortal thread included

Once you lot house the microphone within the daze mountain it is secured past times iv stainless steel pollex screws, which produce a practiced chore of belongings the microphone rattling tightly.
All iv stainless steel thumbscrews accept soft security pocket ends that pocket the microphone too provides enough of cushion.
This detail USM daze mountain model tin forcefulness out concur a microphone diameter of eighteen mm to 68 mm, too supports microphones upwards to 750 grams vertically too upwards to 500 grams horizontally. You tin forcefulness out accommodate the daze mountain inwards an angled position, horizontally or vertically.
The USM daze mountain every bit good features a cable clamp that decouples cable-borne dissonance too creates a strain relief loop, allowing you lot to concur the microphone securely upside down, amongst minimal pressure level from the screws. Check out Rycote USM Universal Shock Mount Studio

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