Vanguard Veo 235Ab Aluminum Alloy Tripod Ball Caput Alongside Arca Swiss Quick Plate!

- August 07, 2018
If you lot are searching for an ultra light/compact photographic boob tube camera tripod that weighs less than iii pounds together with folds nether xv inches, the VEO 235AB past times Vanguard mayhap what you lot are looking for!
The VEO 235AB easily extends to almost lx inches tall (1.5 meters) together with folds downward to close fourteen inches (38 cm), allowing you lot to become amount size together with compact inwards a affair of seconds!

The middle column of the VEO 235AB tripod is designed to swing out upward together with downward together with locked inwards house alongside a pollex screw knob (the pinnacle of the middle column tin also endure adjusted).
(pictured inwards orangish is the anti-shock safe telephone together with panoramic ball head)
The TBH50 ball caput is a 360 story panoramic tripod ball caput that tin gibe a charge of close vi kilograms (13 pounds) together with tin endure locked inwards house via a pollex screw knob.
There is also a built-in bubble story tripod caput (for ensuring your photographic boob tube camera is horizontal) every bit good every bit a security pivot that prevents unwanted photographic boob tube camera movement. The security pivot tin endure adjusted upward together with downward alongside the Allen key (hex key).
The angle of the legs tin endure locked inwards iii unlike positions at fourscore degrees, 45 degrees together with twenty degrees, or completely flat. The safe feet of the tripod legs cause got a spike together with then you lot tin secure the tripod inwards soft terrain.

The tripod leg telescopic extension machinery consists of 4 clips on each leg. Unclipping the clips allows you lot to extend the telescopic legs out to a maximum of 35 inches (26 cm). You tin also adjust the tension of the legs alongside the Allen key.

the VEO tripod makes a slap-up companion to the Havana thirty photographic boob tube camera bag
With the VEO 235AB, you lot larn a ripstop nylon nothing purse alongside shoulder strap, ball caput alongside arca swiss quick shoe plate, depression angle adapter together with Allen key. If you lot prefer a criterion shoe plate, cheque out the Alta Pro 263AGH tripod.

(Arca Swiss Quick Plate & Low Angle Adaptor)

(soft grip grip)
(SONY A5000 mounted on the VEO 235AB)
(Check out the review of the SONY A5000)
The Verdict
The VEO 235AB is made of lightweight aluminium (weighs entirely 2.5 pounds) together with folds downward modest plenty to comport inwards a suitcase illustration or purse together with then it's the perfect super compact tripod solution to accept alongside you lot on opor-garai together with hiking trips together with cause got it out of the means when you lot don't involve it. The middle column of the tripod swings upward together with downward together with clamps downward inwards house alongside pollex screw levers together with then you lot tin setup the tripod inwards an almost interplanetary space seat out of configurations.

The ball caput also has an anti-shock safe telephone that protects your photographic boob tube camera should you lot unloose the cardinal column besides quickly. Each tripod leg also has an anti-slip safe feet alongside spiked pins. You also larn a 5-year-limited warranty. Check out the Vanguard VEO 235AB Tripod alongside Ball Head

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