Angry Birds Rio Tips

- October 04, 2018

Angry Birds Rio Golden Banana Locations

On this page nosotros volition expect at the locations of the golden bananas on Angry Birds Rio.  These unproblematic walkthroughs volition demonstrate yous where all xv gilt bananas are on the Jungle Escape levels of Angry Birds Rio.  We volition besides give a quick review of Angry Birds Rio as well as verbalize nearly the game itself, the principal role of this page though volition last to larn yous all the locations of the xv gilt bananas.

Angry Birds Rio came out to coincide amongst the animated cinema Rio.  This Angry Birds spin off has been really pop inward the download charts always since.  The game play inward this 1 is really unproblematic soundless cracking fun, at that spot are lots of fun challenges to accept on as well as roughly really tricky levels to play.  The principal topic is closely based on the master game but at that spot are roughly fun novel characters as well as locations.  The graphics are visually pleasing as well as at that spot is lots nearly the game to enjoy.  So instantly let’s get got a expect at the upshot of Gold Bananas.

Gold Banana Locations & Walkthroughs

The principal thought on Angry Birds Rio is just to consummate the levels.  However, equally amongst the master Angry Birds this 1 has a few games inside the game.  Again the ultimate challenge of this game is to larn 3 stars on each level.  The game is separate upwards into petty worlds, the basis nosotros are looking at hither is Jungle Escape.  In Jungle Escape at that spot are xv hidden golden bananas.  If yous tin collect all xv gilt bananas yous larn an award, thus this is 1 of the games inside a game.  This is really similar to the gilt eggs inward the master game, the bananas are hidden out of sight as well as the thought is to collect them all.

So where just are these golden bananas?  Well that is what nosotros are going to expect at.  They tend to shroud inward a diversity of places, roughly are hidden inward crates, roughly are upwards as well as high as well as roughly are downwardly low.  On roughly levels yous take away to zoom out thus that yous tin spot the location of the golden banana.  So instantly nosotros are going to expect at the locations of the xv gilt bananas.  These unproblematic walkthroughs volition demonstrate yous just how to larn concord of the bananas, nosotros volition expect at a motion painting as well as and then get got a brief description of how to larn concord of the bananas. 

 So at that spot nosotros get got it.  Hopefully this direct volition get got proved helpful as well as yous volition instantly know just how to larn your hands on each of the golden bananas on Jungle Escape Angry Birds Rio.  It is a existent challenge to notice roughly of these bananas thus no incertitude a walkthrough volition last helpful to you.  Angry Birds Rio actually is a wonderful petty iPhone app as well as such skillful fun.  If yous were a fan of the master game chances are yous volition besides actually similar this 1 equally well.  So download Angry Birds Rio instantly as well as larn looking for all xv of those golden bananas.


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