Head Soccer Tips Together With Cheats Iphone Arcade Game

Firstly, U must know your opponent's complete such every bit Korea's squad amongst the finisher "long shot", Argentine Republic Finisher "Dragon Shot".

Secondly, know how counter or block the finisher every bit every finisher has a way to counter or block which is straightaway I'm going to enjoin u how...

Korea-just block the shot, it is take away too direct

Cameroon-same only block the shot except that you lot volition larn shocked too motion piece of cake than ever
Nigeria-block the shot except that you lot volition wing inwards the sky,

Best Suggestion: Counter it

USA-It's a phatom shot too volition larn invisible for a spell but it is silent the same every bit a take away shot
Japan-just accept banking concern notation of the greenish arrow too dont larn distracted past times other arrows
some other way is elbow grease to larn him real very real closed your goalpost

I dont't know what that province is but the guy who shoots iceball-just block it, it is a take away shot
Argentina-Dragon shot but dont larn worried the dragon is exclusively a distraction, only expect a spell for the dragon to piece of work past times too jump inwards the middle of the dragon every bit the ball is inwards the middle

Italy-A Giant Ball, larn him real very real far away too when he role his finisher, justblock it, it wont  goal line...Best Solution: --> Counter

Brazil-Just jump too block it, it is inwards a fixed angle

Germany-Careful, this finisher consists of three balls too dont elbow grease to role your ability cast to counter,
it volition exclusively waste product your finisher every bit your finisher tin exclusively block 1 to two balls!

 Best Solution: Block it( it is possible too piece of cake if u principal it)

Spain-This is a tough 1 but don't elbow grease to larn him real very faraway, elbow grease to larn him extremely only about your goalpost otherwise you lot tin elbow grease to block it past times standing at your goal post too jump to block off the ball but brand certain u are tall enough, same every bit FRG this finisher consists of nigh three balls

France- an piece of cake 1 only larn him faraway

uK-dont larn shot past times the arrows, expect for the arrows to larn too elbow grease to block the ball OR ELSE
larn him extremly far away!
This page contains Cheats for Head Soccer organized past times sections for iPhone - iPod | Last updated on: January 25, 2013. Head Soccer is a Sports General game made past times D&D Dream Corp. released on February 4, 2012 too published past times D&D Dream Corp.. If you lot can't respect a cheat code, hint or surreptitious inwards our list, therefore delight banking concern agree this page periodically for the latest updates.

How larn Asura? How Can i larn asura, the latest graphic symbol inwards caput soccer ?

By getting all the achievements on the bottom or hacking ur ipod

Unlock novel graphic symbol robot What phase it is SS?? because you lot receive got to hit the SS category, what phase of the survival it is??

The in conclusion stage, similar if uou larn a B therefore its a b ranking. Ss is thr best, s is super too ss stands for skmthing rlse but its similar circular sixty or 70

Thank you! i discovered it. is from phase lxx (included) to 80. (the SS phase to unlock the novel robot character) give thank you lot you anyway!

U receive got two larn two circular lxx too trounce it. its difficult but its worth ur time. im non that expert too i did it.

How to unlock netherlands? How I unlock the Netherlands player?

I idea it was that u had to win the tournament without using a dash. I receive got done this twice withal too neither times it was successful. Dashing is when u double tap the motion push correct?

Same problem.. It doesn't unlock similar that.. And yes, dash is double tap on administration button.

To unlock netherlands: lets tell that you lot receive got won xl tournement too they said the overall. That way you lot should win xx tournement to unlock netherlands becauae xx is one-half 40. And those xx tournement ahould won amongst out dash. Do the math mates. And enjoin me what wil happen

So all i receive got to produce is win 25 tournaments without dadhing? Damn headsoccer needs to give a improve hint to unlock the Netherlands...

I receive got won 12 times amongst out dash too similar vii amongst I don't know why I am non geting Netherlands. They should create this employment before long because I am non paying $20 to purchase a graphic symbol inwards a video game. So I wishing they give us to a greater extent than inwards game coin similar the $100,000 they gave us on the showtime game update

Which graphic symbol has the best special? Which graphic symbol has the best especial inwards Head Soccer ?

It is spain too germany because amongst the alien, you lot tin larn non a real powerful shot similar korea, too amongst italy the cpu boomerangs the shot a ton, the argue germany isn't improve is because you lot must jump when you lot receive got the ability upwards otherwise the cpu tin block it easily, too the argue spain isn't improve is because you lot receive got to live on closer to your side when you lot deport on the ball amongst your ability up, the argue england isn't improve is because you lot receive got a real small-scale margin of the champaign inwards which you lot tin stand upwards to brand the ability shot larn in, also only about their cyberspace volition brand the ability larn higher upwards the net, also far too it won't laissez passer on the cyberspace but bounce over

When does the alien come? The in conclusion graphic symbol I receive got to unlock is the alien. I know to unlock the alien you lot receive got to trounce him inwards a tournament. But every fourth dimension a play a tournament he does non present upwards inwards the finals. SO I AM ASKING, WHEN DOES THE ALIEN SHOW UP?

I receive got won fifteen tournament too playd fifty tournament too the alien come upwards to me exclusively twice 1 fourth dimension to me too 1 fourth dimension to my fiddling blood brother (he his vii years old) too they both terminate inwards lost I yell upwards its only luck (but i promise ts not) Im silent playing the game too promise t larn the alien.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 ufo comes sometimes too you lot postulate to hitting it amongst the ball but its exclusively come upwards twice for me too ive won the tournament nigh thirty times therefore proceed trying

U tin enjoin when the alien comes! i only noticed today that inwards the showtime game if theres a sign that says tip ufo destroyed therefore u volition larn the alien therefore only proceed quiting too restarting until u encounter that sign!