Itunes Mistake 13, 14, 35 In Addition To L (Or -50)

Error 13, 14, 35 as well as l (or -50)

These errors are typically resolved yesteryear performing 1 or to a greater extent than of the steps listed below:

Perform USB isolation troubleshooting, including trying a dissimilar USB port lead on the computer. See

the advanced steps below for USB troubleshooting.

  • Put a USB 2.0 hub betwixt the device as well as the computer.
  • Try a dissimilar USB 30-pin dock-connector cable.
  • Eliminate third-party safety software conflicts.

There may endure third-party software installed that modifies your default package size inward Windows yesteryear inserting 1 or to a greater extent than TcpWindowSize entries into your registry. Your default package size existence ready incorrectly tin post away crusade this error. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet-size alteration for assistance. Or, follow this article yesteryear Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to reset the package size dorsum to the default for Windows.

  • Connect your estimator lead to your Internet source, bypassing whatever routers, hubs, or switches. You may bespeak to restart your estimator as well as modem to larn online.
  • Try to restore from only about other known-good estimator as well as network.