Top V Ways To Screenshot Instagram Stories Without Getting Caught

When somebody takes a screenshot of an Instagram Story, the user may move notified. Instagram is also bringing inwards a novel department inwards the Story views department which lists the people who took a screenshot of the story. They’ll move marked amongst a little-dotted circle side past times side to their name.

1. Use Story Saver for Instagram on Android

Once you’ve logged in, Story Saver for Instagram volition demonstrate y'all your Instagram Stories feed inwards a list. Tap on a user together with you’ll come across a grid of their stories. Tap on a thumbnail together with you’ll come across 3 options: Repost, Save, together with Share. Tap on Save together with the icon or video volition move saved to your Gallery.

2. Use the Repost App on iOS

There are a brace of third-party Instagram Story apps on iOS which allow y'all salvage Instagram Stories to your Camera Roll. One of the best I’ve works life is an app called Repost.

Once you’ve signed inwards amongst your Instagram account, you’ll come across a UI like to the Instagram app. Tap on the user from the spill out to come across all of their Stories. Tap on a Story to thought it, together with and hence from the 3 dotted bill of fare button, select the Save option. The photograph or video volition move saved to your Camera Roll.