66 Well Bts Behind The Cervix Bluetooth Sport Headphones Amongst Cd-Like Character Audio!

If yous are looking for a twain of Bluetooth headphones to heed to music or spotter TV at the gym, banking concern check out the BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth sport headphones past times 66 Audio. These Bluetooth headphones alongside ear loops are perfect for working out on a bike trainer or running on a treadmill!
In the box yous larn a user guide, micro-USB charging cable, microfiber pouch as well as the headphones, which are compact as well as foldable. These BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth sport headphones are lightweight, jibe inwards your pocket as well as twain easily alongside Apple as well as Android mobile devices every bit good every bit Mac as well as PC.
The BTS headphones primary features are the omnidirectional microphone alongside echo dissonance cancellation, hands-free calling as well as long battery life. I used the BTS headphones for good over an entire twenty-four hours as well as the battery was yet going strong. When I lastly had to recharge the battery, total accuse took exclusively 2 hours.
Another smashing characteristic of the BTS headphones, when paired alongside an iOS device, is the on-board battery meter which displays ability inwards real-time as well as hence yous never run out of juice. Also, yous tin flame connect alongside 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously as well as when a telephone telephone comes in, the BTS headphones know which device is ringing as well as volition connect to that device automatically (to convey or refuse a call, precisely tap the MFC button). After the telephone telephone is finished, the BTS headphones revert dorsum to whichever rail yous were listening to.
The MFC push located inwards the middle is multi-functional as well as allows yous to answer/reject calls, play/pause music as well as enable third political party apps including Siri as well as Google Play. The rail skip buttons business office also every bit the book command buttons.
The Verdict
The BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth headphones come alongside a built-in 400mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery which offers continuous music playback as well as over 400 hours inwards standby mode. The good on the BTS headphones is clear as well as involving as well as they jibe securely behind the cervix as well as ears. Pairing the BTS headset is tardily as well as uneventful as well as the Bluetooth connection offers a skillful 25 feet of connection make (you tin flame also twain multiple devices).

The BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth headphones are comfortable plenty to wearable for long periods without discomfort as well as they bend upward as well as jibe neatly into the modest microfiber handbag provided. The BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth headphones get got Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, Clear Voice Capture applied scientific discipline as well as CSR aptX good technology, which agency the BTS headset delivers CD-like character (bandwidth output of 16-bit, 44.1kHz) good over a Bluetooth connection alongside information rates upward to 352kbps. Check out 66 Audio BTS behind the cervix Bluetooth headphones and enter GADGETEX to larn 10% off at checkout.

Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR Class II
Latest A2DP 1.2 as well as AVCRP 1.0
Supports Headset as well as Handsfree Profiles            
Noise to Signal Ratio: 95dB

Weight: 71.2 grams BTS
Dimensions: 54mm (d) x 23mm (h)
Operating temperature: -10° - 50° C
Storage temperature: -20° - 80° C