Full Qwerty Keyboard In Addition To Google Android Telly Remote Yesteryear Droidbox

If yous are looking for a remote command solution that is perfect for Android as well as PC, yous perchance interested inwards the 3 inwards i DroidBOX VIP Pro remote control.
This plug as well as play Google Android remote command features a amount mini qwerty keyboard (59 buttons) on the back, likewise equally an air mouse (3 Gyros as well as iii G-sensors), which allows yous to deed the on-screen mouse cursor similar a Wiimote (Wii Remote).
The iii inwards i DroidBOX VIP Pro remote command has built-in gyro sensors as well as features traditional remote buttons so, it's perfect for XBMC, PC, Smart TV, Smart Box, as well as tablets.
The remote command is compatible alongside the DroidBOX T8-S Plus/T8/T8-S/T8-S Pro, as well as the air mouse becomes immobilized when the Qwerty keyboard is facing upwards.
The VIP Plus remote has the capability to plow on as well as off the DroidBOX T8-S Plus and industrial plant on both OpenELEC as well as Android Kodi. The remote mini keyboard tin mail away live on operated inside a ten meter range, as well as it's compatible alongside USB1.1 as well as USB2.0. Check out the DroidBOX VIP Plus Remote