How To Connect Multiple I2c Devices Alongside Same Address To A Raspberry Pi As Well As Access Them 1 At A Time!

Typically, alongside I2C connections yous cannot accept multiple same-address devices hooked upward unless yous purpose an I2C multiplexer solution. If yous are looking for i such I2C solution compatible alongside whatsoever model of Raspberry Pi, banking concern tally out the RPI-I2C Hub card. This I2C multiplexer or I2C hub repeater allows yous to claw upward multiple I2C devices alongside the same address to the Raspberry Pi, equally good equally run dissimilar I2C rider vehicle voltages.

The RPI I2C Hub carte du jour mounts onto the Raspberry Pi in addition to allows to attach upward to iv I2C devices alongside the same I2C address in addition to access them individually i at a time! (the carte du jour solely uses i address, which agency the board is at slave I2C address 0x71 to the Raspberry Pi).
The RPI I2C Hub carte du jour industrial plant alongside all Raspberry Pi models in addition to has iv right-angled connectors, i for each of the I2C interface connections.

You tin sack too ability I2C interface connections from the Raspberry Pi 3.3V or a dissimilar ability provide equally this carte du jour allows IO interfaces (I2C connections) to accept dissimilar voltages from 2.7V upward to 5V (so yous tin sack connect to Legacy 5V systems).

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few other features of the RPI I2C Hub carte du jour are the onboard terminators, allowing for upward to 400KHz of functioning in addition to the interrupt pass-through. Each of the iv ports provides interrupt pass-through to the Raspberry Pi, which eliminates inefficient polling of many IO devices.

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