How To Role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy

Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet's collective feathers. Once again, nosotros are reminded that nosotros alive inwards an era where it's a chip equally good slow to overshare. If you are all the same fuzzy on what all the information has been used for — political consultants role the information gathered to target dissimilar types of people with dissimilar types of ads. Based on the data, the politico is advised on where they should concur a speech, what to say, how to “brand” themselves.
Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet How to role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy

Facebook Settings equally they appear on iPhone together with Android
Facebook Settings on iPhone

Facebook Settings on iPhone Facebook Settings on Android

Now, opened upward up the Facebook app together with access the sandwich menu, which is the rightmost tab. Scroll downwardly to Account Settings → Privacy. In “Manage Your Profile”, you volition survive able to deal your profile information — the metropolis you alive in, where you went to school, your workplace, telephone number, household unit of measurement together with relatives. You know, if you delete these now, there's no guarantee they volition genuinely survive wiped from the Internet forever. But at to the lowest degree accept a mental banking concern annotation of what you've shared together with what you'd similar to non percentage inwards the future.

How to role Facebook without giving away all of your data
Back inwards Privacy, the “Limit who tin encounter past times posts” pick is also a bully “nuke it all” pick if you of a precipitous experience remorseful well-nigh sharing equally good many posts with a setting of Public or Friends of Friends. Basically, it volition similar a shot switch all your posts that you've always made to the “Friends” setting. This way that anyone who is marked equally “acquaintance” or anyone who is non your friend at all volition non survive able to encounter them, unless they are tagged inwards them.

Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet How to role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy
Go dorsum to the Account Settings sub-menu together with motion into Location for a brief moment. Since nosotros removed the Location permission from the phone's settings, you volition survive warned that the toggles inwards this carte du jour won't operate unless you grant that permission back. That's OK, we're non hither to produce that. Get rid of the prompt together with plow off “Location History”.

Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet How to role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy
Clear that location history

Now, let's acquire to the interesting bit. Go dorsum to Account Settings together with downwardly to the Apps sub-menu. Here's a breakdown of what you tin produce inwards each tab:
Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet How to role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy

1. Logged inwards with Facebook — this volition give you a listing of all the apps, polls, games, together with services you've always synced to your Facebook. Guess what, fifty-fifty if you uninstall the app, the service itself all the same has permission to access your profile. So, scan through them carefully together with delete whatever 1 you no longer use.

2. Platform — this is the “nuke it all” pick for the higher upward tab. If you desire to halt the Facebook platform from interacting with whatever website, whatever app, together with whatever service you always visit, enable this. This way that, from at nowadays on, you volition get got to role option methods to log inwards other apps, if such are available.

3. Apps others role — the original upshot with the Cambridge Analytica scandal was non exclusively that they siphoned profiles of people that were taking an online quiz, but also managed to collect all of the information on those people's friends lists. In fact, many apps volition produce this — they volition inquire for access to your friends listing together with so collect names, pictures, bios, posts, electrical flow city, activities together with so on. Enter this carte du jour together with plow off everything.

4. Old versions of Facebook for mobile — this carte du jour should exclusively concern you if you get got an ancient smartphone with a genuinely one-time Facebook. Back inwards the day, you couldn't conduct which groups of people should survive able to sentiment your posts. This pick hither lets you lock inwards a default setting for a post's audience, inwards instance you all the same role an one-time BlackBerry from fourth dimension to time.

Once more, acquire dorsum to Account Settings together with motion into the Ads sub-menu.

This is roughly other interesting 1 — here, you volition encounter what Facebook knows well-nigh your (potential) interests together with allow you take them. Now, nosotros wouldn't nation this is just The Devil correct hither — if a somebody loves dogs together with technology, we're pretty certain that they'd survive delighted to acquire an promotion well-nigh a novel app that helps you prepare dogs, right? But, for the sake of privacy together with awareness, accept a practiced await at those menus together with conduct what you desire to remove:

1. Your Interests — this lists the categories that Facebook thinks you like. Tap “See all your interests” if you desire to delete roughly or all of them

2. Advertisers you've interacted with — this is an of import sub-menu. It volition non exclusively present you which advertisers' ads you've clicked on, but also which 1 of them genuinely get got your contact info.

3. Ad Settings — pretty basic, this is where you conduct whether or non the information that Facebook has on you tin survive used to target you with ads that are to a greater extent than relevant to you.

4. Hide Ad Topics — this sub-menu tin survive used if you're tired of seeing ads for specific categories similar games, pets, et cetera. You tin disable Ad Topics for half-dozen months, 12 months, or forever.

Posting tips

Now that we've gone through the settings together with permissions, it's fourth dimension to get got a existent utter well-nigh what nosotros are genuinely posting, liking, together with sharing.

OK, Facebook is a social media together with nosotros manifestly desire to role it to acquire inwards impact with our social circles. So “Don't postal service at all!” is a pretty counter-intuitive tip. But really, produce you involve to tag yourself inwards every concern you visit? Remember, nosotros disabled location settings, but if you build a postal service proverb “Down inwards Papa John's y'all!” together with tag yourself you are sort of inviting
the Facebook algorithm to acquire "Hey, this guy likes pizza!".

And, of course, a crazy selfie shared alongside friends tin produce no harm. You may desire to pay careful attending to your audience settings for every postal service — bicycle through "Public" together with "Friends" regularly. “But Facebook analyzes photos together with at nowadays it knows how I look!”. Yeah, so does Google together with Apple. Our betoken is — if you desire to proceed your mugshots out of digital farms, survive really, genuinely careful which cloud services you upload to. And produce know that whatever you've uploaded so far is in that location forever.

Facebook scandal has ruffled the Internet How to role Facebook Without Exploiting Your Privacy
Make certain to pick your audience for every post

Whenever you similar an article, that's recorded. Whenever you percentage it — Facebook remembers. So, recollect that your Facebook profile is only an online avatar of yourself. And nosotros propose you to sculpt together with construction that avatar inwards a specific way — acquire far a graphic symbol that is detached from you but all the same has your interests. For example, if you are interested inwards smartphones — past times all way like, visit, together with converse inwards smartphone-oriented pages. The ads you encounter volition survive relevant to your interests together with everything that corporations volition survive able to larn well-nigh you from your profile is going to survive “Yeah... this is Joe. He likes phones.”

On the other hand, sharing your household unit of measurement tree, doing a photo-dump of the terminal birthday political party or marriage ceremony you attended, getting into every political or religious discussion, filling out your profile information to the those things mightiness survive a chip equally good much.