Ibolt Xprodock Windshield/Dash Mountain Alongside Nfc Tag As Well As Auto App!

If yous desire to plow your big NFC enabled telephone into a virtual driver assistant, depository fiscal establishment gibe out the iBolt xProDock windshield/dash mount!
The xProDock Windshield/Dash Mount car telephone holder comes amongst a ROK3 mount, a gratis to download Dock n Drive app too Dock Mode app, every bit good every bit a rattling handy NFC tag that automatically turns on driver mode, Bluetooth too turns off covert saver too WiFi every bit shortly every bit yous dock the telephone on the mount.

The Dock n Drive interface keeps all your favorite apps inwards 5 swappable pages too the "It Can Wait" security driving characteristic queues upwards all your text messages spell yous drive.
Right out of the box, yous tin sack nation the solid durable ready of the xProDock ROK3 mountain suction loving cup too holder. The ROK3 mountain arm is made from i solid piece; spell the boundary loaded overstep bracket too feet security clamps of the holder (dock) tin sack endure extended too retracted to concur the telephone securely inwards place.
The xProDock Windshield/Dash Mount comes amongst a flip lever suction cup, which has a rattling pasty surface that sticks firmly too securely onto the windscreen too dash (dash disc pad is included), keeping the mountain too holder steady too vibration-free fifty-fifty on rattling bumpy roads. The mount's ball articulation allows yous to plow the telephone whatever direction for horizontal or vertical viewing.
The xProDock tin sack concur big heavy phones such every bit the Samsung Note 4, Nexus 6, Milky Way 5 too fifty-fifty a Note iii amongst an Otterbox commuter case, cheers to the mount's ii boundary loaded metallic latch (one of the springs tin sack genuinely endure removed if yous prefer a looser tight).

You tin sack stimulate got the telephone easily inwards too out of the holder (even amongst cases on) too conform the bottom feet forwards too backwards. The xProDock holder also has a back compartment that allows yous to neatly handle the cables.
The 2 meter long micro USB charging cable that is included allows yous to house the mountain on the left side of the steering bicycle too withal run the cable downward the door too stimulate got it come upwards up the centre console.

The NFC tag is rattling convenient too allows yous to launch iBolt's Dock n Drive app, or whatever driving app of your choice. Check out the xProDock Windshield/Dash Mount

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