Mymanu Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Amongst Suction Cup

Cylindrical inwards sort amongst rubberized outer casing and suction loving cup on the back, MyManu waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is a handy piffling gadget!
Even every mo pocket-sized every mo it is, the audio character produced past times this waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is genuinely quite impressive.
Having the sucking loving cup is genuinely an added bonus every mo yous tin stick the Bluetooth speaker onto a glass, tile, fiberglass or acrylic surface; then yous tin purpose it exterior piece doing gardening, or stick it on your machine window piece working on the car, or inwards the kitchen piece cooking!
The make of connectedness is pretty skilful so, yous tin conduct maintain your smartphone or tablet ii rooms away from the speaker without losing Bluetooth connection.

The command buttons on MyManu waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker include ability button, response telephone band button, play/pause buttons too track-forward too track-back. Both runway buttons also serve every mo the book upwards (track-forward) too book downward (track-back) past times pressing too asset the buttons. The response telephone band push tin also furnish a telephone band on the previous publish past times double pressing this button.

The Bluetooth speaker comes amongst a measure micro USB cable that yous tin plug into a PC or whatsoever other USB port.

The Verdict
MyManu waterproof Bluetooth speaker has an IPX4(IP44) IP rating, which agency yous don't conduct maintain to worry H2O getting on the device every mo it is H2O resistant. The Bluetooth speaker has command buttons on it then yous tin easily conform the book too alter the runway on the device, which is handy if yous are inwards the shower. This piffling Bluetooth speaker is neat to conduct maintain or then the family too purpose it to conduct maintain hands costless calls via the built inwards mic! Check out MyManu waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker