Ohyo Handbag Converts To A Messenger Bag, Backpack, Shopping Handbag Together With Tablet Bag!

Up for review today is an ingenious multipurpose bag, called Ohyo bag, that you lot tin transform into a versatile daily messenger purse (small or large), grocery bag, backpack (small or large) together with tablet purse inward exactly a few elementary manoeuvres!
The Ohyo purse is essentially a tablet bag, a piece of occupation bag, carrier bag, a backpack together with a go purse all inward one. The purse consists of 2 belt clips attached to an adjustable strap, 3 dissever rings, instructions manual together with side strips where you lot loop the dissever rings together with belt clip to adapt the bag.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 swell functional characteristic of the Ohyo purse is that you lot tin transform it spell wearing it, which is swell when you lot are on the instruct together with require to downsize or growth extra purse infinite equally you lot require.
If you lot are carrying your laptop inward the messenger fashion together with require to pick upwards approximately groceries on your agency home, you lot tin transform the purse into the amount grocery purse (with your laptop nevertheless inward the bag) past times only unhooking the belt clips from the centre of the strips together with clip them to the rattling top.
If you lot don't desire to expand the Ohyo purse to a amount grocery bag, you lot tin plow the Ohyo purse from a small-scale messenger purse to a larger messenger purse past times only clipping the belt clips inward a higher identify the strip; thence creating a flake of extra space.
To transform the Ohyo purse into a tablet purse you lot require to crimp the purse into a quarter together with then all the pockets are on the exterior together with clip the dissever rings into the corners.
To transform the purse into a large backpack, you lot extend the strap to the amount length together with clip the strap clips to the rattling bottom of the side strips. Position the 2 dissever rings to the rattling top of the clip strips together with slide the strap into the dissever rings.
To convert the large backpack into a smaller rucksack, you lot only adapt the strap shorter together with re-position the dissever rings to the mid department of the side strips.
The Verdict
By carrying out elementary manoeuvres, the Ohyo purse tin endure converted into iv dissimilar bags (messenger, grocery, backpack together with tablet) amongst the alternative of a smaller or larger messenger purse together with backpack. The grocery purse has a zip together with tin jibe 24 liters of contents. When wearing the purse inward messenger mode, you lot tin clip the dissever rings to the side strips for additional security.

The tablet purse fashion is perfect for the aerodrome or equally a daily picayune purse for your gadgets. The tablet purse fashion gives you lot inward amount iv pocket spaces: a forepart pocket to proceed your boarding tickets, telephone together with passport neatly tucked away, a hidden pocket amongst a fundamental band together with a security pocket for your valuables besides equally a zip upwards expanse for a mass or tablet. In messenger mode, you lot tin convert the Ohyo purse into the amount grocery purse without having to adapt whatsoever other parts of the bag. The purse is rattling good stitched throughout. Check out the Ohyo Multi-Purpose Bag