Soundpeats Q11 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds Amongst Ear Hooks!

I did a review of the SoundPeats' A1 over-ear headphones as well as Q9 in-ear headphones a acre dorsum as well as today I am reviewing SoundPeat's newest arrival, the Q11.
The SoundPeats Q11 wireless in-ear sport earbuds are also lightweight (18g/ 0.6oz). The ear hooks are flexible as well as comfortable, as well as the ear pieces remain inward securely without falling out.
The Q11's come upward amongst a microphone as well as command functions built inline as well as functions are all controlled via the book rocker as well as a unmarried multi-functional button.
The upward as well as downwardly book controls the skip-forward as well as skip-back rails via curt presses as well as long presses respectively. The push controls the Play/Pause as well as pairing, equally good equally the respond telephone telephone as well as ability on as well as off (hold the push for iii seconds).
The LED indicator as well as micro USB charging port are located on ane ear piece; acre the cable buckle allows yous to adapt the cable to tally snugly behind your neck.
With the Q11's yous also larn several pairs of silicone ear tips, a crocodile clip, a user manual, a micro USB apartment cable as well as a nice-looking carrying pouch.
As far equally sound, these earphones cancel out a lot of dissonance as well as the audio is practiced across the spectrum. The audio has a decent amount of base of operations without beingness overpowering as well as the book tin become upward actually loud, which is nice. I was able to work the earphones for roughly v hours on a unmarried accuse as well as charging fourth dimension entirely ninety minutes.
The Verdict
The SoundPeats Q11 Bluetooth sport earbuds do a practiced labor at cancelling out external sounds as well as overall background noise. The cable buckle has an slow to line pattern that allows yous to adapt the earphones behind your cervix without having to take away the ear pieces from your ears. The ear pieces do non autumn out when working out cheers to the ear hooks which claw over the ears comfortably.

The rechargeable Li-polymer battery on the SoundPeats Q11 agree accuse really good as well as plow over yous a practiced 10 meters of gain cheers to Bluetooth 4.1 technology. These sport earbuds also characteristic sixth Gen CVC dissonance reduction as well as aptX technology, which actually makes music audio amend over Bluetooth. The SoundPeats Q11 are fully compatible amongst iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones as well as tablets, Windows devices, as well as Bluetooth devices. Check out the SoundPeats Q11 sports earbuds